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Monster Play Dough Activity Mats

Monster Play Dough Activity Mats

Our play dough mats are such a hit at our house that we just had to create another version of them: MONSTER PLAY DOUGH ACTIVITY MATS! Aren't they adorable??

Monster Play Dough Activity Mats

Want a silly, fun and creative way to use your play dough? These little Monsters are a huge hit at our house. They are the funniest little guys. My four-year old loves to see how many eyes he can fit on the little faces.  These monsters allow for so much creativity.  Add teeth, horns, hair, arms, more legs, teeth, mouths, tongues, spots, spikes, nose, clothes, hats….. You name it! That is what makes these mats so fun. When my younger kids watch my younger kids play with them they always end up hopping in on the fun. These six little monsters are a great addition to busy bags or your go-to kid activities! Make sure to check out these fun Play-Doh Tools you can use with all of our play dough mats.

Make sure you download your Monster Play Dough Activity Mats below! They are sure to spark and inspire creativity and fun in your home.

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monster playdoh mats-red monster

monster play dough mats- pink monster

monster playdoh mats- blue monster

monster playdoh mats- green monster

monster playdoh mats- orange monster

monster playdoh mats- purple monster


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