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Counting Activities With Play Dough Activity Mats!

Counting Activities With Play Dough Activity Mats!

As requested, we've made some more play dough mats, and these counting activities are especially endearing.. I am so happy you and your little ones are enjoying these because I love making them! I have been giving them as gift with a set of Play doh containers. They were a big hit! 

Play dough activity mats--perfect homemade gift idea!

Counting Activities Using Play Dough Activity MatsCounting Play dough mats for toddlers and preschoolers


These play dough mat counting activities are a great tool in teaching counting, coordination, problem solving and number recognition. I had so much fun designing each of these counting activities and making them bright and fun, and my 4-year old son had a ball putting these together. It was neat to see him sounding out the words, saying the number and thinking about what the objects he needed to make looked like. When he made the coins for the piggy bank he first made little balls. Then he realized that they didn't look like coins. I asked him what we could do with the balls to make them look more like a coin. He got a big smile on his face and went to town smashing the balls. 

What you Will Need For the Play Dough Mat Counting Activities:

The counting activities printables below

Watch a video of the play dough mats HERE!

Counting Activities Video


Counting Play dough mats for toddlers and preschoolers

I hope you love these and enjoy the time doing these activities with your little ones.  

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What would you like me to make for my next busy bag/ play dough mat project? I would love to hear from you moms out there! What do your kiddos like? What are they into? You know them best!

Cute Counting Activities using Play Dough Activity Mats

Which of the counting activities was your favorite?

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