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ROBOT- Play dough mat for learning spaped, hand coordination and matching

These little guys will help your child learn hand-eye coordination, colors, molding, new vocabulary (antennas, buttons, claws, etc…) and shapes. I hope this is fun for you and your child. I know that my kids are absolutely crazy about these cute robots! When playing the game, read the instructions on the sheet with the original robot, Crew who has the grey head. He explains that the other robots are missing some of their parts. And to complete them, make sure they have all the same pieces as Crew does. If your child knows their sounds ask them the sounds or the first letter of each word, where different letters are or even sound out small words. This page is a great learning opportunity also.



Robot play dough mat - Crew

As you look at all of the different robots you can talk with your child about the different shapes and colors. Talk about how to make different shapes by rolling a ball of dough in your hands to make a ball or rolling it back and forth to create a worm shape. You will finish building the other robots making sure they are complete. Set Crew on the left or right of other robots your child will be building. This allows your child to look back and forth to see if there are pieces they still need to add.  Then ask them to identify the missing robot parts. Then have them walk through the steps needed to make the correct shapes.  My son loved making “tiny worm” shapes to make the antennas. And fat worms for the arms and legs.

ROBOT- Play dough mat for learning spaped, hand coordination and matching - Other robots

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robot play dough mat- yellow robot

robot play dough mat- orange robot

robot play dough mat- L. blue robot

robot play dough mat- green robot

robot play dough mat- gray robot

robot play dough mat- d. blue robot


ROBOT Play Dough Games for kids

If you want to some more ideas we have other play dough mats and tons of busy bags for toddlers and young kids!  Keeping up with those littles this summer is never easy, but these can keep parents sane and kids engaged!

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