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Hidden Picture Printables – Great for Travel!

HIdden Pictures Booklets. So fun to make for traveling, or other desperate moments :)

Hidden Picture Printables – Great for Travel!

My 3-year old came upon a Hidden Pictures page the other day and was enthralled with it. She loved looking for the different pictures and pointing them out. This got me thinking…. “I wonder if I could find some free printables and laminate them for her?” Sure enough, I found some online! I got to work and started laminating them and making little flip books out of them. We are going to Disneyland this summer, so I am adding these booklets to their car kits.
DIY Hidden Pictures Flip Books. Can be customized for toddlers clear up to older kids & are Awesome for traveling.

There are several reasons why these rock: First, you can keep them in your car and pull them out in desperate moments, and you don't need anything extra to use them. No crayons, no pencils, just a detecting eye and a sense of adventure! You can also use this with a variety of ages. If you have young kids, find simple printables, and if you have older kids, find some more challenging ones. Also, if you keep them bound together with a little binder clip like I do, you can easily swap them out with new ones when your kid gets bored or conquers the current ones.

Free Hidden Pictures Printable FlipBooks. Kids love them!

I laminated them because I want them to last more than one time. Also, lamination is great because if you kids want to also color them, the laminated pages work great with dry erase crayons or dry erase markers. I tend to laminate everything these days 🙂 If you don't already have your own laminator, you can get one really cheap (around $25-30). If you buy one on Amazon, just DON'T buy the Apache. It doesn't do a good job. It made me mad. And then I bought the Scotch and it made me happy. Choose that one.

DIY Hidden Pictures booklets - AWESOME for traveling with kids and doesn't require anything extra! No pens, markers, just good old-fashioned fun

I was only able to find about 3 sites that have free printables, but it's enough to get you started. If you want a bigger variety, or you have multiple kids and want some in different skill levels, you can buy Hidden Pictures books for very cheap. I ended up getting the one pictured above (and below) for $2.99 and it came with 48 pages, which I think made up for the price just in ink I didn't have to print. If I did this project again, I would probably go that route first. It also came as double-sided half sheets, so even though it was 48 pages, I only had to use 12 laminating sheets.

Hidden Pictures4

If you are using these on a road trip, you could offer a new one every “x” amount of miles, or you could offer incentives for whoever finds all the pictures in their booklet, whatever makes it fun! For some other really fun travel ideas, see these posts: Travel Printables & Travel Ideas

DIY Hidden Pictures flip books. Great for travel, church, etc.

We also take these in the diaper bag for church. It makes for a nice little activity that doesn't involve a million crayons on the floor (unless you decide to use dry erase crayons and have them color them too).

Hidden Pictures. Awesome for entertaining kids while traveling, sitting at church, etc and doesn't require any pens or markers!

Wondering where to get the free printables I used for my first booklet? You can find them here:

Free Hidden Pictures Printables

Dinosaur Hidden Pictures Printable

Other Hidden Pictures from the All Kids Network (they also have other printables like connect the dot and color by number)

The Friend Hidden Pictures. This is a monthly kid's magazine that we get in the mail, but they offer their pages for free as pdf's. Each monthly edition usually has one Hidden Picture printable

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