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My inner nerd might just be coming out, but I have been very excited about this little project. I've been wanting to making a magnetic version of a quiet book that's a little bit more fun than the quiet book I made earlier, but I've been tossing around a few different ways to do it. I'm super happy about how it turned out. Here's how I made my magnetic quiet book:

magnetic quiet book
Make an adorable magnetic quiet book with interchangeable scenes. Super cheap and easy to make.

No-Sew Magnetic Quiet Book

I knew I was taking chances in attempting to send galvanized sheet metal through my laminator, but I went ahead and took one for the team! Thankfully, no laminators were harmed in the making of this project 🙂 I cut a letter sized sheet out of my metal, rounded the corners so they weren't rough or sharp, and then sent it through! It worked great but next time I might even adhere some cute scrapbook paper to the metal to make it look prettier!

magnetic quiet book


I then hot glued the metal to a storage clipboard. The reason I chose a storage clipboard was so that I can store all the pages and magnets inside and make it interchangeable.

magnetic quiet book

If you're wanting this to take on more of a “Book” look, you can easily make pages by covering letter-size (or smaller) sheets of metal in felt, and binding it the same way you would a cloth quiet book. Or you could turn it into a book using the same method as my felt book tutorial. I will probably do another project using both of those versions and show you a more in-depth tutorial later.

magnetic quiet book
how to make a magnetic quiet book

The fun thing about this project is that you can buy “Make a Scene” sticker sheets at Oriental Trading for super cheap, and then laminate them! I used their Safari Scene and their Noah's Ark scene for this tutorial. Apply velcro to both the metal and the laminated scene, and they are now interchangeable. You'll also want to laminate the stickers (so they are durable and last forever) and then adhere magnets to the back of them (I just used adhesive magnetic sheets and cut my magnets to the size needed).

here are the laminated stickers before I cut them out
magnetic quiet book
laminate your stickers and then adhere magnets to the back of them

Here is the Safari version:

magnetic quiet bookand here's the Noah's Ark Version:

magnetic quiet book

Host a Quiet Book Party

Here's where it gets fun! These sticker scenes come in a pack of 12 for between $3-5. So if you get together with a group of other moms and make them together, you could each pay $5 for the scenes and go home with 12 different scenes! They have soooo many fun scenes to choose from! They have an adorable beach scene, design-your-own-ranch scene, camping scene, farm scene, castle scene, and so many more! Just make sure you pay attention when you are picking yours out, because they also have sticker scenes in smaller sizes than the standard paper size. To save on shipping, it would be a good idea to have everyone pay one mom make the order for all of the sticker scenes. If you are already making an order, you can also get your adhesive magnets at Oriental Trading.

Other Creative Ways of Making a No-Sew Quiet Book:

I'm a huge fan of all the cute ideas floating around for the cloth made quiet books, but from what I've read they seem to be too costly and time-consuming to make right now. If you are looking for some no-sew options, check out my printable quiet book, flash card books, and No-sew Quiet book posts!

Now Who's Going to Make One?

If you host a magnetic quiet book party with other moms, I'd love to hear about it and see pictures of all the fun! I hope to be able to host one after little fetus makes her arrival!

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