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Linking Shapes Busy Bag Printable

linking shapes free printable

Linking Shapes Busy Bag Printable

Anyone ready for some more busy bag ideas? I'm in the middle of making a bunch more that I will feature later, but here's one that I did today, along with a free printable.  If you aren't sure what busy bags are, see my original busy bag post.

linking shapes free printable

What I love about this busy bag idea is that it can be used for quite a few different age and education levels.  I hate making busy bags that kids are only interested in for a couple of uses.  This one is really fun for a variety of age groups!  For younger children you can simply use them for color and shape recognition.  Pull out one of the cards, and then have them find the corresponding shape/color.

For older kids you can practice sequencing, patterns, and sorting.

linking shapes busy bag idea
Linking shapes are great for learning colors, shapes, sequencing, and sorting

You can get the linking shapes on Amazon, and you will have enough to share with other moms and even do a busy bag swap.  Most recently I also found some at the Dollar Tree in the educational isle.  If you get them at the Dollar Tree, you will need to buy a handful of packages in order to get all the shapes in different colors.

Linking Shapes Printable

To print your own sequence/shape cards, click on the Top image, or click on the link below (As with all busy bags, I recommend laminating them):

linking shapes printable

busy bag ideas
Searching for some fun busy bag ideas? Linking shapes are super fun for learning shapes, color recognition, sequencing and sorting

Check out some of my other posts for some fun busy bag ideas and printables for moms and kids.

What have been the funnest busy bags you have made?

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