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Basket of Sunshine

Sunshine basket for someone who needs some cheer. Free printables

Basket of Sunshine

Sometimes it feels like tragedy hits several loved ones at the same time. Near the end of the year last year, we knew a family who lost a child to suicide, a good friend who lost her uncle, and a few other people that needed some extra love in their life. Get the Free Basket of Sunshine Printables below!

Sunshine basket for someone who needs some cheer. Free printables

Sometimes it can be hard to know what to say in moments like this. This is when I feel like a basket of sunshine says it all!

Basket of Sunshine. Perfect gift for so many things!

First, I go on Instagram and search the hashtag “inspirational quote” and find some good ones that match what that person is going through. I then write them on yellow or heart-shaped sticky notes. I then buy a bunch of yellow items and compile them all together into a “Sunshine Basket.”

Basket of Sunshine. Wonderful way to brighten someone's day, or offer compassion to someone going through a tragedy or hard time. Free Printable!


I also like to get a few cute jars from the Dollar Tree to put some of the items and candies in. If you need something low-cost you could just do “jar of sunshine” and fill it with various yellow candies.

Sunshine Baskets with inspirational quotes to brighten someone's day


I've done large baskets for some huge life events, or smaller baskets just to life someone's day or let them know that they inspire me, or that I'm thinking of them.

Here are some things I have included in the past:

and anything else yellow that catches my eye! The fun thing about using the color of yellow, is that you can also play of the phrase “when life gives you lemons” if it fits the situation.

Basket of Sunshine. Great way to sympathize with someone when you don't have the words!

Want a free Basket of Sunshine Printable tag? Click on the tag below, right click, and “Save As” You can also get all the other free basket of sunshine gift tags by clicking here

Sunshine Tag


IF YOU MAKE A BASKET OF SUNSHINE…I WOULD LOVE TO SEE IT! Let's inspire others to spread kindness. Post to Instagram with hashtag #MothersNicheBasketofSunshine and tag @mothersniche in the pic so I can see it.

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