This Santa Claus letter is a unique way to bring the spirit of Christmas into your home, by encouraging your children to be “helpful” and kind. My kids love to participate in these kinds of activities. My husband creatively came up with this Santa Claus letter idea the other day. He is a bit of a minimalist and doesn't like new things coming into our home without old ones going out. This Santa Claus letter is his creative way of motivating our kids to go through their toys and donate what they don't play with anymore. We also like to get them excited about the true spirit of Christmas.

This Santa Claus letter is the perfect way to do it! Get the free printable below and let me know how you ended up using it!

Creative Santa Claus Letter that inspires the spirit of Christmas in children

The purpose of the Santa Claus Letter

Santa Claus Letter that inspires children to help the North Pole

The Santa Claus Letter starts out by saying “Santa needs your help!” and goes on to say, “Due to the amount of children around the world, Santa's elves cannot make enough toys in time for Christmas! Santa is looking for kind children who are willing to go through their toys and donate what they no longer need to the North Pole, so that they can be given to other children this Christmas!”

What kid wouldn't want to participate?! Everyone wants to help Santa Claus!

Adorable Santa Claus letter that inspires the true spirit of Christmas

This free mailed letter from Santa can be taped to your front door, or you can sneak it into your mail box after the mailman has arrived. Make sure and address it from the North Pole!

Fun Santa Claus Letter tradition

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Santa Letter that encourages your children to participate in Christmas Kindness

You can also place a sticky note on your Santa Claus letter with instructions to your children on where to put their toys. Maybe Santa wants them to put them in the back of your car (so you can sneak them to Good Will). The front porch or under the Christmas tree are other great ideas.

Cute Santa Claus Letter that encourages Christmas Kindness

Free mailed letter from Santa (Print the Santa Claus Letter Below)

To print your free mailed letter from Santa, click here, or on the Santa Claus Letter image below:

Adorable Santa Claus letter that encourages kids to help out at the North Pole and donate unwanted toys to kids in need

I love seeing Christmas magic in action. Post pictures of your family using the Santa Claus Letter! Make sure and tag @mothersniche on Instagram so I can see all the fun ways the Santa Claus Letter is used!

Have a Merry Christmas!

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