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Start off your holiday season with a Letter to St. Nick.  Here you will find a FREE PRINTABLE letter and envelope, with easy to make instructions. I know Santa will appreciate the effort. The holidays are here my friends!


↓↓Here you can download your Santa Letter and Envelope↓↓

Santa Envelope

Santa Letter



I have so many memories writing letters to Santa as a child. I carefully wrote, in my very best handwriting, my dreams and wishes for that holiday season. It is an amazing thing to think you are connecting with a magical person who lives ACROSS THE GLOBE! It is so fun to watch my kids do the very same thing. There is so much excitement as they write and make their envelopes. My son could hardly put his letter in the envelope fast enough. He was bursting and couldn't wait to take it to the mail box.




Christmas is around the corner!   My boys were so fun to watch. You can see the joy building!  My youngest can't write so he drew pictures and told me what he drew, and I penciled in his requests. My older son, however, took his time and wrote extra neat to make sure that Santa knew he wanted “Legos” and a “soccer ball”.  We send our Santa Letters first thing in December.  I always tell my kids, “Now that Santa knows what you want, we can focus our time on others.”


writing santa letters


Making this envelope is the easiest thing, and they are darling!  You will wonder why you haven't been making your own all these years! Follow the steps below.





1. Cut out the template making sure not to cut off the tabs.

2. Flip the envelope over and fold all the tabs on the dashed lines.

3. Fold in the side tags completely and put glue on the top of the tabs on both the right and left tabs then fold the large tab on top of the glued tabs.

4.  Put your letter into the envelope and seal the top flap. DONE!


letter to santa envelope

I hope you love the Santa letters and get some use out of them. Have a fabulous Holiday Season full of Beauty, Joy and Magic!


Tell us about some of YOUR favorite Santa letter traditions!!!


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