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Hilarious April Fool’s Pranks to Play on Your Husband

HILARIOUS! April Fool's Jokes to Play on Your Husband! Great Ideas

Hilarious April Fool’s Pranks to Play on Your Husband

Last year at this time I wrote a post featuring a bunch of ideas for April Fool's Day. I had no idea it would get the response it did, but it was very popular and many people commented and left their own ideas. I learned there are some really funny people in this world! Some of those ideas had me laughing So. hard.

Since I originally intended the post to be about jokes you could play on every relationship in your life, I thought I would write a separate article specifically for Aprl Fool's pranks you can play on your husband (or wife). I've included a variety, so if your spouse doesn't handle jokes very well, there are a few mild and tame ideas here as well. As for me, I go all out! 🙂

10 April Fools Pranks to Play on Your HusbandHILARIOUS! April Fool's Jokes to Play on Your Husband! Great Ideas

  1. Place poppers under the toilet seat. You know, those little white “firecracker” type things that come in the cute little boxes? I bet you wouldn't think they were so cute after sitting down for an explosive moment at the toilet…
  2. Food. If you are going to do a food-related joke, I recommend doing it about midnight (so the very start of April Fool's). That way they are NOT expecting it at all. This helped me gain a lot of enemies in college. Think Chocolate covered cotton balls stringing from people's teeth….or how about toothpaste-filled homemade oreos?
  3. Put His Car Up For Sale. Ok, this one is my ABSOLUTE favorite. I did this to my husband last year and he was getting calls all day. Put “for sale” on his car with a ridiculously low number. Not only is this a great April Fool's joke on your husband, but it's also a great joke on everyone that calls on it! I was a little extra mean and posted the picture to Facebook asking all my friends to call on it. One of my friends even said, “This is an answer to prayer! I was just praying that I could find a car in my price range and then I drove past yours!
  4. Put Googley Eyes On His Lunch. This one is totally harmless, but might bring a smile.
  5. Mess With His Phone. Change his ringtone to something totally lame or obnoxious or promiscuous and call him while he is at work. OR…Set random alerts/messages to go off all day.
  6. Send a Message. Send him off to work with a loving little pat on the bum, and make sure to leave a fun sticker or note attached without him knowing. It could be something like “I have no clue this is here. Applaud every time you see me” or something random and silly that will have him wondering what's going on.
  7. Special Outfit. Tell your husband that you are headed to bed and that you are putting something “special” on for him. If he thinks what I think he might think, he won't be too far behind you! Be hiding under the covers in footy pajamas, or something ridiculous that will have you both laughing for years to come.
  8. Auto-Correct Madness. In Microsoft Word on their laptop, use the Autocorrect feature to “correct” a commonly used word such as “the” by automatically inserting “April Fools’!”
  9. Car Switch. Find your spouses vehicle at work and move it to another spot. Or, if he/she has keys to your car, switch out his for yours and park it in another stall.
  10. Drawer Switch. Move your husbands drawers around so he can’t find what he is looking for in the morning!
  11. Change the Language on His Phone. Hasn't he always wanted to learn Portuguese?
  12. Be the “Funny Wife” at his work. Sometimes it's fun to get the co-workers involved in some funny, harmless jokes. Replace the toilet paper with this, or put a big candy bowl in the break room full of M&Ms, Skittles, and Reeses Pieces all mixed together.
  13. Glitterbombing. If you have ever seen the prank about propping a bucket of water over door that's slightly opened, you have the general idea behind this prank. The distinction between that prank and this one is that you will be filling your bucket with glitter.
  14. Leeky Tub. If your hubby is in any way handy, place a leek right by the drain of your sink or your bathtub and urgently tell him that there is a leak somewhere in that fixture.
  15. Fashionable Bag Lunch. If you pack your husband his lunch for work, go looking for a bag from someplace like Victoria's Secret and deposit his meal within it.
  16. Message in a Baggie. This is another prank for the wives who pack their husbands' lunches. Whip out a sharpie and write some “interesting” messages on the plastic bags you use to secure his food.
  17. Upping Some Newsletter Subscriptions. Since you likely know each other's personal e-mails, sign him up for several e-mail newsletters that reflect none of his interests and all would be embarrassing to read on some level.
  18. Dialing Assistance. The next time he asks you for the number to something, tell him to dial your area code, followed by “867-5309.”
  19. A Weighty Issue. If he is working on losing weight or gaining muscle, stand right beside your man when he weighs in. Right as he is about to gauge his weight, stealthily press your foot on the weight sensor.
  20. Zero Calorie Snack. Get a box of his favorite unhealthy snack food and empty out all of the snacks. Place a note inside of the box that would be hard not to notice with some mocking text, like a lengthy sequence of “Ha ha ha,” and then leave the box somewhere where he will easily see it.
  21. Automotive Signposting It is one thing to stick a sign on your husband's back as he heads off to work. It is quite another to write a message on the rear of his car. Write something like “Honk if you love me” or “[Local sports team] is terrible!”
  22. T-Cup. If your husband fancies the occasional spot of tea, bring him an empty mug with some paper cut into a T shape the next time he asks for some “hot leaf juice.”
  23. European Fish Dinner.If your husband likes to know what dinner will be in advance, tell him you will be making a fish dinner. Watch the look on his face when you bring a plate of Swedish fish to him.
  24. Encourage Healthy Snacking. Get a box of donuts, the kind that does not allow you to see the contents inside. Empty its contents, feel free to have a few yourself, and fill the box with a crudités platter and a message encouraging him to eat his vegetables.
  25. Urine Trouble. This prank works best if you have pets or a young child. Lay down a bunch of the letter P, either print out a sheet of the letter and cut the sheet into pieces or use several plastic items shaped like the letter and lay all of the Ps out across a floor. Once the Ps are in place, shriek something to the effect of “[pet/child] left pee all over the [room] floor!,” run out of the room and wait to hear his reaction.
  26. Clean Your Hands While You Clean Your Bottom. Change out the toilet paper in your bathroom with a lint roller. Leave a rotation or two of toilet paper to really sell the illusion.
  27. Opposite Day Parallel Parking. Sneak into his car and park it in such a way that the vehicle is perpendicular to the driveway. Make your way back into the house and listen for his amazement.
  28. Cheesy Speed Stick Deodorant. If your husband's deodorant is white in color, sneakily fill the cap with cream cheese and put it back on. Do your best to wipe away every trace of the stuff that squeezes out between the cap and the stick.
  29. Leave Your Mark. The next time you are out getting some sun and he asks you to help him apply suntan lotion to his back, feel free to leave some spots bare in such a way that they say something like “I love my wife” or “I [heart sign] dolphins.” Once the tan sets in, everyone but him will know immediately.
  30. Heavy-Duty TP for Heavy-Duty Problems. Swap out his toilet paper for duct tape. What's more is that it will still accomplish the job.
  31. Water Works Problems. Get a few bottles of water and leave them in the sink or the bathtub. Tell him that the water refuses to empty into the drain and listen for the groan when he goes to inspect the problem.
  32. Reroute His Day. If your man has a routine, mix things up by changing up the sequence of events. For example, put his keys where he keeps his phone, his phone where he keeps his socks and his socks where he keeps his keys. This is even funnier if he goes through multiple rooms to get ready for the day.
  33. Outstanding Cutout. If you know of a certain character that unnerves or spooks your husband, chances are high that you can easily buy or fabricate a upright cardboard cutout of that character. Once you have your cardboard standee, put it somewhere you know he will immediately see it, like the bathroom or in the driver's side of his car.
  34. Gelatin is Great For Preventing Cavities. Stick his toothbrush in a bowl of jello. For extra flare, make sure to use the sugar-free stuff.
  35. Extra Creamy Mayo. This prank is really simple. Simply squeeze some toothpaste into his favorite condiment like mayonnaise or ketchup.

Have some other fun ideas for April Fool's pranks? Leave us a comment, we'd love to hear your ideas!!!

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