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Fall Wreath + Painted Pine Cone Craft

pine cone fall wreath

Fall Wreath + Painted Pine Cone Craft

Happy Halloween! Halloween is almost over, which means it's about time to take down my eyeball wreath and replace it with a fun fall wreath! As a disclaimer to this post I have to tell you that I have no special skills in the crafting department, so don't worry if you didn't get your degree in “craftology,” this one is do-able for all us novices. 🙂  After I finished it last night, I brought it upstairs to show my husband and sadly the first words were, Did YOU make that?”  Haha.  There's your proof:  Anyone can make this.

easy fall wreath with pinecones

My inspiration came from this fall wreath on Etsy. I don't typically see something awesome without a tutorial and attempt to make it, but for some reason I was feeling wild last night and I gave it a go.  Here's the best part:

It took me 15 minutes.  I'm serious.  I just started gluing stuff to my cranberry wreath in random spots.  It would have only taken me 10 minutes if I didn't have the attitude of, “Oh my goodness…what am I doing? ”

I realize some of you are probably perfectionists, so it may take 20 or even 30. I'm only sort-of sorry about that.

Cranberry Pine cone Fall Wreath

15 minute Fall Wreath

I got mine from Oriental Trading.  I had no idea until like a month ago that Oriental Trading has crafts and home decor!  Seriously?  Awesome.  At first I was regretting ordering it because then I was like, “awe crap, now I have to come up with something to make with it,” but now I'm proud of myself for being brave because I'm totally crushing on my new wreath!

If you live somewhere near pine trees, you can go on a wild hunt to find some, or you can buy them online or at a craft store.  Tell your husband you have something fun planned and then take him on an adventure to help you find pine cones.  He'll love it.  HA!  The ones on my wreath came from Oriental Trading.


pine cone fall wreath

Please, no one bully me and tell me it's ugly because I'm like 100% satisfied with how this turned out.  And a little shocked.

Someone pinch me.

Okay, moving on….

Painted Pine cones

painted pine cone craft

Are you catching on yet?  I like easy.  A lot.  This one is as easy as they come. And the best part? You can make this one work for all seasons and holidays. The dear pine cone wants to be part of our lives year round, not just Fall.  

And the dear pine cone is cheap, so I agree.

  • Step One:  Paint pine cones.

Remember that suggestion up above about husbands and secret pine cone missions?  Yeah..that idea came from my reality.  I ran out of the ones I got from Oriental Trading so I made him go on a fun journey with me.  He's such a trooper isn't he?  We went after dark just in case it was illegal to take off with Nature's pine cones. Disclaimer:  Finding them in the wild means you are going to have to clean them and maybe even shake out some unwanted creatures

Also, the original pine cones I spotted on Pinterest were done with spray paint, but I didn't have any so I just whipped out my crafting paint.  It worked just fine. Sneak into your kid's art box if you have to…

  • Step Two:  Throw them in a jar, or vase or…wherever. 

I got I large round glass craft jar from Walmart for like $5, but now I'm kind of having buyers remorse and wishing I got one of these because they have lids! But oh well, the one I have will do just fine for now.

But when you're looking at these pictures, imagine that they are in cute apothecary jars with lids. 🙂

painted pine cones make a cheap and easy decoration

painted pine cones valentine"s day craft

st patrick"s day pine cone decor

Anyone else have some easy, cheap or fun craft ideas for me?  HURRY!  I'm feeling motivated…

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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