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Tips for Newborn Photo Shoots at Home

Newborn Photo tips for creating a successful photo shoot at home

Tips for Newborn Photo Shoots at Home

Newborn Photo tips for creating a successful photo shoot at home
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Panasonic LUMIX for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

First off, let me tell you that family photo shoots bring out my grumpy side. There's something really frustrating about taking the time to put on outfits, do hair, find a location, and take a million photos, only to look through them and realize that nothing turned out. The last time we attempted, I remember saying to my husband (more than once), “Can we please just go home? This isn't working!” At that time we had a 1-year old and a 3-year old. Fast forward to now. We had a baby. We now have a 4-year old, a 2-year old, and…… a baby. We took a couple newborn photos, but I really wanted a photo with all 3 of them together. I wasn't going to even attempt however, because it sounded like a nightmare to try to get all 3 of them cooperating in a photo together. Good news. We attempted anyway and in only 10 minutes we captured some photos that we liked. Here's a few tips we have learned for taking pictures of newborns: Time is of the Essence

Newborns (as well as toddlers) don't hold their facial expressions or movements very long. You literally have a second to snap what you like, and many times you will miss it. So be quick. The reason we were able to quickly capture photos this time around is because of the 4k photo mode on our LUMIX G7 camera. If you have never heard of LUMIX 4K Cameras, they have a really awesome feature called “4k photo mode.” What it allows you to do is record a video, and then transform that video into still images. It is the absolute best feature for photographing children because you no longer have to work so hard to get a good shot. Just shoot a video, and then pull some of your favorite images from the video. Typically I would NEVER be able to get a photo of BOTH of my girls with their eyes shut at the SAME time, but because of 4k video mode I was able to just video them for a few minutes and grab this photo from the video: Tips for taking pictures of newborns and active children Warm your Environment

Many times you look through Pinterest and see all these adorable photos of naked babies. Most babies hate to be naked though, so unless you're wanting photos of your baby crying, make sure that you either warm your house or use a space heater. Babies don't like to be cold.

Prepare for fluid

If you are taking naked newborn photos, just expect to deal with some bodily fluids and be prepared for what you are going to do when it happens so that it doesn't interrupt your photo shoot. Whenever we weren't taking pictures, I had our baby in his diaper or on a towel that I didn't mind getting pooped on.

Keep Things Simple

Try not to put all your focus on accessories and photo props. This can take your energy away from just getting a good photo. Sometimes the best photos involve swaddling your baby in a simple blanket. I loved our most recent photo shoot because I didn't have to do any prep work. We just threw our kids on the bed (and I didn't even have to make it). How to get the perfect shot when photographing toddlers or newborns  Team Work

Don't try to do a photo shoot all by yourself or you will end up frustrated. You need one person shooting the camera, and at least one person placing the kids in a pose or getting them to smile. If your spouse isn't home, call a friend over to help. Just don't do it by yourself. It's usually best if mom can be the one talking to the kids, and someone else at the camera. Newborn Photo Tips Be Flexible

Kids (and especially newborns) can be unpredictable. Don't try to force a photo session if it just isn't working out. Be open to trying again the next day rather than forcing it and giving up all together.

Find Good Lighting

Try to take your photos in front of a window where there is good sunlight. Whatever you do, don't take your pictures in dark rooms or in the evening!

Have some good photo tips of your own? Comment below!

And here's some information on G7 if you want to learn more about 4k photo mode!

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