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Do a Dot Printables for Your Toddler {Over 200}

do a dot art printables

Do a Dot Printables for Your Toddler {Over 200}

Hi Everyone! It's Monday, which means I am giving you another list of resources to print out and add to your mommy book! The whole point of this book is so that you don't have to run to your computer every time you need a fun activity to do with you kids. Just grab them from your book or filing cabinet, and you are ready to go! Being a fun mom is much easier if you are prepared! If you missed last week, we printed off a year's worth of Scavenger hunts! So fun.

free printable do a dot worksheets

This week we are doing Do A Dot Printables! These are so stinking fun (and educational too)! There are some basic printables for the young ones (just put a dot on the circle), and their are more advanced ones for the older kids (Do a Dot math, Do a Dot numbers, as well as mazes and puzzles). Typically I would show you some pictures of my toddler using the printables, but guess what? I'm waiting for my do a dot markers to arrive! Sadly, I saw those “bingo markers” at the Dollar Tree and thought they would work great (and be a little bit cheaper). Unfortunately, they were so crappy. They were leaking everywhere and making a big mess (and I'm an adult). I didn't even let my toddler try them. I'm returning the rest tomorrow. Just in case you were thinking the same thought, don't do it.

200+ free printables for Do-a-Dot

If you don't have Do A Dot markers (and they aren't in your budget quite yet), you really don't have to have them RIGHT NOW in order to have fun with the worksheets and printables. If you don't have the markers, just use stickers or pom-poms!

do a dot printables

In fact, You might want to check out my post on Pom Pom printables, because they will probably work with do a dot markers too!

200+ Do A Dot printables

And be sure to follow my Do A Dot board on Pinterest so that you can continue to add to your collection!

Do A Dot Printables

Thanksgiving Do a dot Printables

Numbers Do a Dot Printables

Alphabet Do a Dot Printables

Farm Animal Printables

Color Match Printables

Dinosaur Do-a-Dot Printables

Ocean Animals Do-a-Dot Printables

Spring Do-a-Dot Printables

Snowman Do-a-dot printables

LDS General Conference Do-a-Dot printables

Fruit Do a Dot worksheet

American Flag Printable

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