I have a confession to make.  I don't use shaving cream when I shave my legs.  Maybe I just wasn't using it right, because it's not like I didn't try.  I did try.  But every time I attempted at using it, my legs would get goose bumps, and then I would get razor burn.  I tried using it while running my legs under warm water so as to avoid the goose bumps…but then it became this race to hurry and shave before the shaving gel washed right off.  This resulted in shaving cream being wasted down the drain (duh), or more razor burn.  I also tried running the can of shaving cream under hot water prior to showering so that it wasn't cold when I put it on my legs.  This usually just resulted in more razor burn because I was far too impatient to wait for it to actually get warm.

As a result, I have gone my whole life just shaving with water and a razor.  Until now.  If you don't know me, there are two products in my kitchen that I have a huge crush on.  They are coconut oil and raw honey.  I use them ALL THE TIME in cooking and baking and toast-eating.  I don't use vegetable oil, like ever.  I've recently been using coconut oil for skin care as well (hello nipple cream, goodbye painful breastfeedings).  I'm getting off track here.  So anyway…I thought to myself, “self, what if I made an exfoliant shaving scrub with coconut oil?”  There are all sorts of fancy recipes out there involving things like honey and shea butter and essential oils, and a bunch of other randoms, but I'm all about simplicity.  So I started with just sugar and coconut oil.  And that's where I stopped.  Because it was perfect in every way!  My legs had never been so smooth and shiny!  And razor burn was far from the picture!


So here you go…you don't even have to write this one down, because I bet your bottom you can memorize this one!

shave scrubDIY Shave Scrub

You will never go back! This stuff makes your legs SOOO smooth!

Step One:  Find a jar, or container, or whatever you want to store this in.  Heck, you can even label it if you want.  Name it ” (your name)'s shave scrub.  Then every time you look at it you can feel the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from successfully making your own skin care product.

Step Two:  Mix coconut oil and sugar until it reaches the consistency that you like.  I like to use organic virgin coconut oil because it's awesomest, and because I also cook with this stuff.  If you have a Costco nearby, that's where I seem to find it the cheapest (although recently I've seen it just as cheap on Amazon).


Step Three:  Apply your shave scrub prior to shaving.  Then Shave.  Then Smile, because your legs will be rockin'!  And then, after you have clothes on again, go find someone and say “feel my legs.”  Yes, you will be that proud.

Step Four:  Never buy shaving cream again.

Sugar Face Scrub Recipe

I know you were just thinking that life cannot get any more awesome after the discovery of this recipe, but that is wrong. Life always has more awesome in store. This time it's in the form of a scrub for your face.After making my shave scrub, I thought to myself “self, you should make a scrub for your stinkin' face!”  And so I did. Don't be deceived, it's not the same recipe. No, no. Your face is more delicate and therefor deserves a less abrasive scrub. Click on over and check my coconut oil face wash and facial scrub recipe or just pin it for later.

2-ingredient Coconut Oil Facial scrub. You will never go back!


And please don't limit yourself!  Coconut oil can be used for SO MANY THINGS!  I currently use it for:

  • baby lotion (and as a preventative for cradle cap).  I like to give my newborn a massage with coconut oil after her bath.
  • to get rid of a horrible rash that I got postpartum
  • Cooking and baking
  • Nipple cream
  • Diaper rash ointment
  • In smoothies

There are so many ways to use it.  Visit here for 101 Uses For Coconut Oil, or here for the Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Or…if you are tired of reading, grab some popcorn (put some coconut oil on it), and watch this video:


What is your favorite way to use coconut oil?