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Halloween Tablecloth Wreath for under $5

plastic tablecloth wreath Halloween

Halloween Tablecloth Wreath for under $5

I got the crafty itch this week, and being that Halloween is right around the corner I decided to do a wreath.  I really like my coffee filter wreath, but it's more of an indoor wreath since it would shrivel up and die if a rain or snow storm ever came it's way.

So I started thinking of a way to waterproof it and get the same look.  And since I'm a dollar store addict, I couldn't help but see shining opportunity as I passed the plastic table cloths!  I quickly did a google search, saw that someone had successfully accomplished a tablecloth wreath in the past, and skipped merrily out of the store with my purchase (and some Halloween eyeballs to decorate it with).

DIY Plastic Tablecloth Wreath

tablecloth wreath HalloweenI'm really not a fan of creepy gross Halloween decor, so fun eyeballs suit my fancy just perfectly:  Not too cute, not too creepster.  

I'm also really cheap and didn't want to pay full price on a wire wreath form, so I made a detour to the local thrift shop on my way home.  Look at this beauty:

buy an ugly wreath at a thrift store and use the frame for a new wreath rather than buy one newDon't judge this granny!  She only cost me a dollar, and this is what she became:

plastic tablecloth wreath

Wah La!  A weather-proof spooky eyeball wreath!

Grand Total for my tablecloth wreath:  $3!  Not too shabby.  I got the tablecloth and eyeballs at the dollar store, and the wreath frame was also a buck.

How I did eyeball wreath:

Cut your tablecloth into strips or circles (I did strips, but if you want the same look as the coffee filter wreath, you would do circles).

My strips were roughly an inch and a half by 4-5 inches.  It worked perfectly, but next time I will try a little bit wider just to see how it looks.

Tie them onto your wire wreath form (I did a double knot).

Here's a dark and worthless picture:

Halloween tablecloth wreath


I'm sorry, it was like 11 PM and I didn't feel like moving out of my recliner and into some light to take a better picture.  I'm lazy at 11 P.M.

Warning:  Do this while watching a movie or riding in the car.  The only thing keeping me sane was a fun sister to talk to while I tied all of these.  It probably took two hours.

I attached my eyeballs with wire rather than gluing them right onto the wreath.  When Halloween is over, I can remove the eyeballs and attach ornaments for Christmas, or something fun for Thanksgiving.  The options are endless for accessorizing this baby!

I featured a fun multi-colored Fall Wreath at our last blog hop that would be really fun to do with tablecloths!  I thinking that might be my next wreath project.

Is your mind spinning with all the possibilities now?  I just love home decor ideas that are easy, beautiful, and cheap to make!  Anyone have some other ideas for fun and easy decor ideas?  

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