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Tissue Paper Flowers


This may be Simple, I know… But you can use these darling little Tissue Paper Flowers for so many different occasions:

  • Parties of all kinds
    • Birthday, Fiestas, Bridal Showers, Kids, Pool, Summer, Spring,
  • backdrops for photo shoots (I can't wait for my daughters 1 year old session with flowers like these).
  • Decor in a kids room, or around a mirror
    • I'd LOVE to make a bunch of off-white flowers to hang in a room somewhere!


  • Tissue paper
  • stapler
  • tape, wire, or ribbon to hang flowers

1- Cutting Circles: Fold your tissue paper into half, then half again… and if you'd like one more time.

2- Cut the outer edge like a quarter circle… unfold your tissue paper and see your circle.  make sure you are making circles and not squares.

3- Make all different sizes of circles out of your tissue paper.

Tissue Paper Flowers

4- Layer your circles on top of each other.  (Photographed here are smaller flowers.  My biggest flowers had 8 different layered colors.)

Tissue Paper Flowers

5- Take your circles and fold it in half… then fold it in half a second time. (I tried another fold x3…. and it didn't look as good or fold as well as just 2 folds).

Tissue Paper Flowers

6- Staple your flower at the bottom.
Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue Paper Flowers


7- Open your flower up just a bit… and then SCRUNCH IT UP!!!  My 2.5 year old LOVED this part!


8- Un-scrunch the flower, and start opening up the layers.

Tissue Paper Flowers


9- Ta Da…. you have fun, easy, fabulous Flowers.

10- Hang, Tape, Drape, Float, and use wherever your hearts desire.


Now, Obviously we were going for FIESTA… for this Bridal Shower.  But, like I said above… I'd love to make solid colored flowers like this for a back drop and I've also seen cream-white flowers like this in the walls of Anthropology (my favorite store).  Tissue Paper Flowers
_DSC0278 _DSC0273 _DSC0274 Tissue Paper Flowers