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You Need to Make These Paper Snowflakes With Your Kids

paper snowflakes

You Need to Make These Paper Snowflakes With Your Kids

You likely have fond memories of making paper snowflakes as a kid. They're simple to make, yet they challenge kids' minds and fine motor skills. This is a great craft to do to prepare for the holiday season. Hang finished snowflakes around your house!

If you're doing this craft with young children, either do the cutting yourself or grab some child-safe scissors for them to use. The last thing you want is an unexpected trip to the emergency room! Aside from the use of scissors, young children should easily be able to do this craft.

If you want to keep it simple, just stick to paper and scissors. If you want to make something fancier, head to the crafts store and grab some glitter and other add-ons for your snowflakes. Or, use whatever you have around the house.

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Paper Snowflakes




paper-snowflake-first-fold paper-snowflake-make-square
1.  Fold a rectangular paper on the diagonal, lining up the edges, it will be square—cut off excess.

2.  Find the middle of the diagonal fold (bring the acute angles together, crease in the center).

3.  Open again, using the crease in the middle, fold in thirds, then fold in half.

4.  Cut off end opposite the point so edges are even

5.  Cut design into the folded edges being VERY careful not to cut all the way through.

6.  Embellish with glitter or color with sparkly crayons.

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