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Your Kids Will Love This Raffia Twig Star Craft

Raffia Twig Star materials

Your Kids Will Love This Raffia Twig Star Craft

Finding things to keep your kids occupied can be tough, especially when they've grown bored with the usual options. Fortunately, we've got a simple and fun craft here that you can do together. Making crafts together is a great way to bond with your kids, while creating some pretty art!

The great thing about this craft is how accessible the materials are. Every family should be able to find what you need for this fairly easily. Even if you live in the middle of a city, you can head to the nearest park to find the right supplies. Having a craft that you can whip together supplies for quickly is important when you have a bored child!

Making crafts is great for a developing child's fine motor skills. It also helps them think through processes step-by-step, and problem solve. If your child is particularly young, we advise handling the hot glue gun yourself. Small children can easily burn themselves.

If you enjoy this craft, make sure to check out our other great crafts! We have lots of wonderful crafts to keep your children busy and entertained on a rainy day. Make sure to bookmark this craft so you can come back to it whenever you need it. Happy crafting!

Raffia Twig Star

This twig star not only is a great gift, but is also a great free craft that you can make from materials right around your house.

Combine with a nature walk through your yard, park, or nearby woods to get the materials.


5 Sticks of wood approximately the same diameter cut to the same length.

Hot Glue Gun

10 pieces Raffia – cut about 12” long (may substitute rope, string, or twine)

Fishing line

Green wood is twist tied together to keep straight until dry.

Twig Star Directions

1. Begin by hot gluing 3 twigs together. The hot glue holds the twigs together while tying with raffia.

2. Tie each intersecting area together with raffia, crisscrossing several times. Tie a knot on the backside – keeping all of the knots on the same side.

3.  Snip long ends of ties.

4.  Continue tying first 3 intersecting areas.

5.  Next, hot glue another twig to the other 3 and tie those intersecting points.

6.  Continue adding twigs until all 5 form a star and all intersecting points are tied.

7.  Rotate star to determine which point you would like for the top and tie and knot a piece of fishing line to hang the star with.

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