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More Fun Nature Craft Ideas to Do With Kids

Easy nature craft ideas

More Fun Nature Craft Ideas to Do With Kids

Crafts can be made from pretty much anything. If your child likes the outdoors, why not discover the different types of things that could be used for craft activities? From flowers to rocks, and everything in between, crafts from nature are very cool.

Next time you are outside with your child, whether it is for exercise, a jaunt to the mailbox, or for a breath of fresh air, gather some items that you think could be made into cool crafts.

The following list offers a few suggestions for some craft ideas made by nature:

Nature Bracelet

This activity is very easy. It can be as colorful as your child wants it to be. All you need to start out with is masking tape. Tear off some masking tape and wrap it around your child’s wrist. Make sure that the sticky side is on the outside. To decorate it, go outside and find items that your child would like for the bracelet.  It can be decorated with pretty flowers, small twigs, or blades of grass.

Switch Plate of Flowers

This will add something pleasant to any room.  Here are the materials needed:

•    Clear plastic switch plate
•    White craft glue
•    Small paintbrush
•    Small pressed flowers
•    Colored paper
•    Utility knife

It is best to purchase a switch plate that has both a front cover and back cover. Use colored paper to put into the switch plate. The paper will be used as the background. An adult should use the utility knife to cut the paper. Use the back cover of the switch plate as a size guide. Make sure that holes are cut for the switch and small screws as well.

Now it is time to add the flowers. With the paintbrush, get some glue and place some glue on the flowers to put onto the colored paper. Remember to note where the switch and screws will actually go later.

Once all of the flowers are glued, set it down to dry for a little while. Once your masterpiece is completely dry, place the decorated paper between the front and back covers of the switch plate. The final step is to attach it to the wall.

Driftwood Door Handle

Ever think of adding some style to something by using driftwood? This activity will bring out the carpenter in you. Here are the materials needed:

•    A unique piece of driftwood
•    Pencil
•    Tape measure
•    Two sturdy screws
•    An electric drill or super glue
•    A wooden door

Clean up the driftwood so that it’s rid of dirt or debris. Position the driftwood on the door as you would like it. If there is already a handle on the door, remove it. Have your child hold the driftwood up against the door. Using the tape measure, measure where the screws will go with your pencil on the front and back of the door. Adults, use the electric drill to screw the new handle on, or use super glue instead.  Enjoy!

Things to Remember When Collecting Craft Supplies From Nature

Nature is a great source of crafting supplies! There are so many different items you can grab for various art projects, like the ones discussed above. There are, however, a few things you need to keep in mind.

First, make sure you're actually able to collect items from the location you're at. If this is your yard, the answer is a no-brainer. But if you're visiting a park or nature trail, check the rules. Some parks, public gardens, and trails have rules that prevent visitors from collecting what they find. Protecting the integrity of the natural places you visit is important!

Make sure that you aren't disturbing an animal's den or nest when collecting an item. For example, when collecting wood to use, make sure it isn't being used by an animal for its den. Don't take twigs out of birds' nests, even if the nests seem unused. Only take what you know isn't being used by an animal for another purpose.

Finally, don't touch any plants that you can't identify. The last thing you want is a rash or other irritation because you grabbed a poisonous plant! Make sure your child knows to avoid any plants they can't recognize, and teach them how to spot poison ivy. You don't want your craft day turning into a disaster!

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