Old Clothes Make the Best Craft Gifts

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Old buttons, socks and clothes can be turned into really fun things.  Before throwing stuff out or donating them to the Goodwill, see what kinds of crafts you can make with your child.  Craft items are great for gift ideas.  They can also turn what you once that was useless into something useful.  There are lots of suggestions for these craft items and I bet that your child will be excited to embark on a cool activity.

Blue jeans leg purse

Before throwing that old pair of jeans away, make a cool purse for your daughter or as a gift to give away.

Here is what you need:

•    Old jeans
•    Needle and thread
•    Appliqué
•    Scissors

Cut the legs off of a pair of jeans.  Then cut the hem.  One leg will be used for the purse and the other for the strap.  Sew across the bottom of one of the legs and sew about 1” from the edge.  Snip up to the sewing line every ¼” for some frays.  Repeat these steps for the top of the purse.

Cut the other leg half into nine ¾” strips.  Tie the ends together and braid.  Sew to the top of the purse.  Stitch on appliqué and decorate as freely as you want.

Bead and button teacup

This makes a very colorful and pretty gift for an aunt or grandmother.  Here are the materials that you will need:

•    Solid colored teacup with saucer
•    Decorative beads and buttons
•    Hot glue gun
•    Glue sticks
•    Tweezers

Wash the teacup to ensure that it’s completely clean.  Using the hot glue gun, glue the decorative beads and buttons onto the teacup.  You can also glue beads and buttons to the outer rim of the saucer as well.  To prevent you from burning yourself and to give you an easier time for arranging, use the tweezers.

Button bracelets

There is nothing like creating your own jewelry.  Your daughter will love making these to wear on her wrist.  For little boys, they can give away these bracelets to their sisters!
What you will need are colorful buttons and elasticized cords.  Cut the cord so that it is long enough to wrap around a wrist twice.  Thread the cord through the holes of the back of the buttons to the front and then back again.  Once that is complete with every button, thread both ends of the elastic through a metal crimp tube.  Using pliers, squeeze it tightly and then trim the excess elastic.

Button key ring

Do you always lose your keys somewhere?  Why not keep them in tact with a new key ring?  What you will need are ten buttons and 12 inches of fine cord.  First fold the cord in half and make a knot about one inch from the fold.  Thread the buttons onto the cord and push each end of the cord through one of the holes in the buttons. 

When the last button is threaded, knot the ends of the cord.  Cut off excess cord.  Slip loop of cord into the key ring.