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DIY Cozy Coupe Gas Can

cozy coupe

DIY Cozy Coupe Gas Can

What's the famous saying?  “Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do or do without?”

Okay, okay…before we get into this, I realize there are many things on Pinterest that are just outright ridiculous–especially in the DIY category.  Don't look at this and think, “Now I have to start saving my empty laundry detergent bottles?!”  It just so happens that I save containers every now and then in case I want to use them for something.  And this happens to be one of those somethings.  Because to be honest with you, what I really wanted was this:

cozy coupe gas pump

But since it's not in the budget, I settled for the $1 version.  This (The label is taped on until I can find my hot glue gun):

cozy coupe

My toddler is getting more and more into imaginative play, and she LOVES her cozy coupe, so I thought I would make her a little accessory to go along with it.  If it took more than about 15-20 minutes to make I would probably say it's not worth it, but it really didn't take long.  And if you just hand-write the word “gas” you could have this sucker done in about 5 minutes.


1 Empty Wisk Bottle

DIY cozy coupe gas can

1 Piece of Paper (I laminated mine after I was done, but you could use packaging tape if you don't have a laminator)


1 Funnel (Someone enlighten me as to what this is called?  I got it in the automotive section of the Dollar Tree).

Wash out your wisk bottle, and then pop out the plastic spout.  Unscrew the funnel portion and insert it into the plastic spout.  I attatched mine with a twist tie so that the funnel can be pulled out and in and remain attached.  Did that make sense?

photo 3

Pop your spout back in, And then cover the Wisk Label with your new one!  Don't have a Wisk bottle?  No worries, this post was just to get your mind spinning on some recycling possibilities.  You don't have to use a laundry detergent bottle, and you don't need to make a gas can.  I'd love to see some of your own creative projects!

Oh yeah, and if you're out for a drive, steer clear of this little gal:

cozy coupe

cozy coupe gas pump photo: amazon.com

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