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How to Make Glitter Slime

How to Make Glitter Slime Easter Eggs

How to Make Glitter Slime

How to Make Glitter Slime Easter Eggs

Easter is such a magical time of year. It’s a time for giving, a time for reflection, a time to celebrate spring, a time for….glitter slime??

Well, this is a holiday that is often about children having fun, and what could be more fun than finding glitter slime in the middle of your egg?

And finding slime in the middle of their eggs will not be the only way that slime can turn the fun factor up. You can start off your holiday by actually making the slime with your children. This will serve as a fun and educational experience…almost like a science experiment! They can get creative using the food coloring to make the slime the color of their choice.

Moms Who Think have other recipes to make slime including one that is made without Borax. Borax is non toxic in low doses but it can irritate sensitive skin. Parents can refer to that recipe to make glitter slime as well but be warned, even without Borax, the mixture will not be edible because it will still contain glitter and/or glue.

Now that you know the basics of slime and Easter eggs, here are some other ways this gooey substance can take your holiday to the next level in fun.

Imagine your child, or someone else’s child finding an egg. Innocently, they go to open it…only to realize it is filled with slime. This is sure to get all your guests laughing. And once they get over their initial shock, they can play with the slime for hours of fun.

Slime is fun to make, fun to find and fun to play with. Think of whipping some up this Easter, or on any occasion, to take the fun factor up a notch and make your time with your kids unforgettable.

Easter Egg Glitter Slime Ingredients:

• glitter glue or glitter added to clear glue
• borax
• water
• food coloring
• empty plastic fillable Easter eggs

You can use white school glue in place of the clear glue, but the slime will be opaque instead of clear and the glitter will appear less sparkly. The best result is to use clear glue with glitter added or glitter glue.

Borax is sold as a detergent booster with laundry supplies in grocery stores. We used 20 Mule Team borax but store brand works just as well.


1. In a small non-metal bowl, dissolve 1 teaspoon borax in 1/2 cup warm water using a whisk to break up any clumps. Some of the mixture may settle at the bottom which is fine, you'll be using just the liquid.

2. In a separate container, mix 1/2 cup glue (4-oz bottle of glue) and 1 cup of water. Add a few drops of the food coloring to the mixture to add color to your slime. Mix well.

3. Combine the two mixtures into a clean bowl. Use your hands to mix the slime to incorporate all the ingredients smoothly. Drain any extra liquid that remains after mixing.

4. Pull off blobs of the slime and place into an empty plastic egg. Place the eggs in a sealed plastic bag until you're ready to put them into baskets Borax is a natural disinfectant, but the slime will keep fresh even longer if you refrigerate it.

Clean up any slime-related messes easily with warm water.

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