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Making Slime at home is all the rage today. And so is making slime without Borax! Why make slime without Borax you might ask?  Because now kids don't have to put their hands in a household chemical in order to make some easy slime recipes!

All thanks to contact solution. Yep. That's the easy ingredient. And if you want more variations to making slime, Elmer's Glue has several different slime recipes.

We featured a slime recipe last year for making slime without Borax, and it used liquid starch. We think this recipe with contact solution is way better!Making awesome kid's slime without weird ingredients like Borax or liquid starch


How to Make Slime Without Borax

Making this slime is SUPER Easy. And aside from the foam balls (which are optional), I would bet you have all the ingredients in your home already. And in reference to the picture below, my daughter had just said, “You're the best mom ever!” Who knew that making slime was so emotionally powerful? 😉

Slime Recipe Without Borax

Here are the ingredients for making Slime Without Borax:


another picture of my daughter cheesin' it up….

how to make slime without Borax

Pour your glue into a bowl and then add your food coloring of choice and foam balls if you are using them. Once you have mixed this together, add 1 teaspoon baking soda following by several squirts of contact solution until you start to get the slime consistency. You will then add a few drops of baby oil until it is no longer sticking to the bowl.

blue slime without borax

You can also add glitter for extra fun, or some glow-in-the-dark paint.

Make sure an adult is always present, and don't let children eat the slime. 🙂

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Making Slime Without Borax, and instead using these more common household products

Do you have any other favorite ways for making slime without Borax or other chemicals?