10 Simple Christmas Decor Ideas

If you're like me, this year Christmas just snuck up on me. I never really got a chance to do a whole lot of decorating and now that it's two weeks away I can't really justify spending a whole lot on decorations. Here are some quick, easy decoration ideas to add some festive color to your house.

1. Christmas wreathes are beautiful but they can be pretty pricey! I just love the simple look of this candy cane wreath.

2. These decorated planters are brilliant, what a great way to reuse something you already have that only gets used seasonally! 

3. Confession time: I stopped mid-writing this article to use little vintage bottles my mother-in-law gave me a year ago to semi-replicate this picture. And… I LOVE IT! I happened to have some glittery red holly left over from a project last year and bam, the kitchen window is simply, yet beautifully decorated. 

4. These can luminaries would be a great up-cycle project for indoors or out. 


5 & 6. If anyone else hit the mason jar craze like I did, you definitely have a few laying around. Toss in a few sprigs of pine and tie up a bow like this one or whole cinnamon sticks and wrap in holy like this one.

7. Speaking of cinnamon sticks, wrap some around a vanilla-scented candle for a delicious smelling table centerpiece.

 8 & 9. Simply dress up your steps like this or then again, use something you already have like this

10. I love everything about this mantle but I especially love the O Holy Night banner

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