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Rainy Day Fun

Rainy days often put a damper on things. It’s cold, dreary, and the darkened sky puts everyone in a lazy, grouchy mood. What do you do when the kids are home and it’s raining out?

They will only sit for a little bit before they start to get bored and need something to do, and more often than not they turn to you for entertainment. Here are ten things you can do with your kids on a rainy day.

1. Have some fun with a karaoke. You don’t need a karaoke machine, turn on the radio or have the kids play real or fake instruments. Pull out the pots and pans or string some rubber bands across an empty cereal box. 

2. Write a story with the whole family. Have each person write a sentence until you get to “the end”. See how funny your story will turn out.

3. Build a fort or a play house out of sheets and blankets that are laying around the house. You can also use an old box (save those large boxes for such occasions) and use construction paper and markers to decorate it.

4. Clean and rearrange the kids’ rooms. Let them choose how they want their “new” room to look. This is also a great time to have a fashion show with clothes to see what they’ve outgrown or sort through toys.

5. Have the kids pick out a recipe for dinner and dessert. Let them help you cook the entire meal. 

6. Play a board game. We all have closets full of board games that we forget about playing with. Now’s your chance.

7. Make some popcorn and have a movie festival. For a fun twist on this idea, become producers and act out and make your own movie.

8. Have the kids make sock puppets out of old mismatched socks and put on a puppet show.

9. Make homemade playdough or edible paint. Pinterest is full of homemade crafty recipes that are fun to play with.

10. Throw on some rain boots and jackets and stomp in the puddles. Kids will only be kids for so long so enjoy the rain!