Rainy Days are Fun – Inside and Outside

A rainy day shouldn’t ruin a kid’s day.  Although it may seem that all plans and hopes are dashed, there need not be any worry.  There are plenty of activities a kid can do when the weather is more gray than usual.  When it rains, it seems that a kid has no choice but to be stuck inside all day.  However, that doesn’t mean that being outside is a bad idea either.  There are ways to entertain children both inside and outside of the house.

Indoor activities are limitless

Kids can play board games or participate in arts and crafts.  They can put on a puppet show or help mom and dad with chores.  With so many possibilities of what types of activities there are to do inside the house, a child should not have a reason to be bored.   Other indoor activities include reading, baking, coloring, or even rearranging the bedroom furniture.  Parents can set up a scavenger hunt or even ask their children to help them prepare dinner.  When a child feels like he or she is helpful, it gives them the sense that they are mature enough to follow direction and can accomplish anything.

Don’t forget the outdoor possibilities

With the ongoing list of possible indoor rainy day activities, what can a child do outside of the house?  Well, if a child isn’t afraid to get wet, why not go outside and have a little fun, too?  Splashing in the puddles may seem like a nightmare for parents, but if the appropriate rain gear is worn (raincoat and boots), playing in the rain may not be such a bad idea after all.  Most children love the water.  As long as parents are outside supervising, being outside in the rain can be a fun activity.

Going on a walk on a rainy day is a wonderful outdoor activity.  The world appears different when wet.  Children can see how stoplights are reflected on the concrete or how water runs down trees or buildings.  If a river is close by, seeing the river on a rainy day provides a different perspective for a child than seeing a riverbed with no water in it.

Depending on whether it is a cold or warm rain, getting the kids to put on their bathing suits and going outside is always fun.  With water as pure as rain pouring down, kids can get crazy and have a good time.  For the less squeamish kids, see how many frogs are out.  Look for ponds and count how many frogs are hopping around.  If the kids are brave enough, catching tadpoles and keeping them (with parents’ permission of course) will let the kids see how they mature into frogs.

Who says coloring can only happen indoors?

Coloring sidewalks with chalk when the ground is wet can turn into quite the artistic masterpiece.  The chalk will turn into a paint-like substance and kids can discover their inner artist.
With some many activities to do on a rainy day, kids can have the option of either staying dry indoors or being more adventurous jumping in the puddles.





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