Nature Themed Scavenger Hunt

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Scavenger hunts are a lot of fun, especially for kids who enjoy a little adventure.  When the weather is nice outside, an outdoor activity that involves discovery and teamwork can be a great learning tool.  Kids can become more aware of their surroundings and also learn how to respect and understand the outdoors as well.


Before the day of the hunt, parents need to go out and make a list of what they think their children should find.  There are so many things to find in the great outdoors.  For example, a list could include finding a specific type of flower or finding something as simple as a big rock.  Depending on the season, the list of things to find can vary, too. 

No matter what the list indicates, nature themed scavenger hunts work well for birthday parties, slumber parties or even a summer barbeque. 

What you need

• Have plenty of pencils
• Provide Scavenger Hunt lists
• Make sure the forecast is good for the entire day.  If not, ensure that there is rain gear provided for each child.
• Provide enough bags for the kids (use old grocery bags if possible)
• Spray the kids with bug spray
• Apply suntan lotion if necessary
• Provide magnifying glasses and compasses just for fun

Once all of these criteria are met, send the kids out in pairs for safety.  Every time they come across something on the list, have them check the item off with their pencils.  If the kids find something that isn’t damaging to remove from its natural origin or non-living, have them put that item in their bags.  It is cool to see what they find!

The best part of an outdoor scavenger hunt is watching the kids marvel at the wonders of nature.  The more creative the list is, the better.  At the end of the scavenger hunt, it is great for the kids to compare what they found with each other and hopefully learn something new, too.

The possibilities are endless

So what kinds of things can the kids look for in a nature-themed scavenger hunt?  Here is a list of ten possible items to put on a list:

• Leaves from different trees
• Various sizes and shapes of rocks
• Pinecones
• Something red
• Feathers
• Nuts/acorns
• Animal tracks
• Moss
• Something that starts with a specific letter of the alphabet
• Ladybugs

At the end of the scavenger hunt, tally up and see which child found the most items. This adds more to the excitement.  The child with the most items can win a prize.  To take it a step further, set a time limit on the scavenger hunt.  This will allow more prizes to be given out.  The child who found the most items, as well as the child who got back the quickest, can both win prizes.  The possibilities are endless for a good time.