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Try These Awesome Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Bored Kids

Try These Awesome Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Bored Kids

Need scavenger hunt ideas? We've got them! There is nothing like a scavenger hunt to brighten a day or liven up a party.

Mom, I’m bored. Second only to ‘what’s for dinner’, this dreaded phrase is the consternation of mothers the universe over. It is usually followed by trouble making, teasing, and quarreling for the entertainment value.

Before your child has a chance to utter these words, be prepared with a list of things to do. Not just any list, but a scavenger hunt list. Scavenger hunts stop boredom in its tracks and makes a hum-drum party fun and exciting. Below is a list of scavenger hunt ideas the will entertain and have your kids begging for more.

Key Points

  • There are plenty of ways to throw a scavenger hunt! Around the house, in the yard, or even in a public setting!
  • Remember to prioritize safety and respect for others when making a scavenger hunt.
  • Have your kids give you a hand planning a scavenger hunt!

Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Around the house:

It may not always be feasible to send the brood outside for a scavenger hunt, but there is plenty to find indoors. Try handing the kids a lunch sack and asking them to look for objects often lurking in dark corners, forgotten couch cushions, and under the stove. Items may include: A blue toy, coins from the sofa cushions, buttons from the laundry room, a twist tie, or shoe laces. Be creative, look for the common clutter, list it, and send the scavengers after it. Remember lists don’t have to contain the same objects, just the same number.

If you live in a location with venomous spiders, it may be wiser to avoid having your kids reach into dark and undisturbed areas. These are the preferred homes of these spiders; while they'll generally try to flee before they bite, they will bite first if they don't feel they can flee. The last thing you want is a fun day turning into a disaster because of a spider bite!

As an alternative, you can have your kids race to see who can bring you all of the items on the list first. This will still be a fun challenge for them. While it may not be hard for them to find certain objects out in the open, it will be hard to find them before everyone else does!

Get them out from under foot:

On a sunny day, get those older kids off the couch and into to the sun. Try a nature scavenger hunt. In addition to the list and a bag, give the children a pad of paper and a pencil to draw what they can’t collect. You don’t want them picking your neighbors prize lilies in their search for a pink flower!

Items you may put on a list are endless. Have them find a four leafed clover, feathers, shiny stones, and dandelion fluff. Items that can be fun to find and draw are: caterpillars, ladybugs (any kind of bug really), a tomato plant or other garden vegetables, flowers in bloom, a nest, or frogs.

Before you send them off, make sure to set some basic rules so that they stay safe. Restrict them to a certain area so that they don't go wandering off a mile away. Tell them that they need to avoid taking things from others' yards, or anything that might belong to someone else. Don't let them bring home any creatures; nature belongs in nature! Set a time for them to be back by, whether they finish or not.

When the adventurers return, they can paint or color the pictures they made. This creates another boredom-killing activity. Or, you can make a fresh list for them to go out with again! A scavenger hunt can often be the catalyst for a child's interest in learning more about the world around them, so you might find that your kid decides for themselves that they're going to keep themselves busy by exploring or learning.

Mall walkers unite!

For older, teen-aged children, there is nothing like an excursion to the mall. Add an element of innocent fun to their next trip with this scavenger hunt idea. All they need is a list of objects find or tasks to complete and a camera to keep record.

Items to find might include: a mannequin with a red wig, a person drinking an orange Julius, a sales clerk named Amy (or a name of your choosing), a pregnant lady, a baby, people holding hands, or someone wearing purple socks.

Tasks to complete could be: making a wish in a fountain, singing a song in the food court, trying on a yellow formal gown, or asking a stranger be in a picture with you.

Of course, remember to tell your kids to respect others during their scavenger hunt! If you ask them to find a specific type of person, remind them to ask if it's okay to snap a photo before doing so. If a stranger sees your kids snapping a photo of them and isn't sure why, they could become irate. Tell your kids to respect it if the stranger says no.

You can also have them find specific clothing items in the different stores. Perhaps they need to find something with blue and white on it, a pair of red shoes, and socks with green and black on them. This is a great way to send them hunting without bothering other people for photos.

The sky is the limit, let your imagination go wild and get those minds busy hunting. You an even enlist their help to create even more scavenger hunt ideas, they'll have a blast!

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