Summer Fun To-Do List

summer to-do list

Summer Fun To-Do List

When school's out for summer, it's time to dig into the adventure and action that only this season cacn bring! There is plenty of fun to be had — and it needn't cost a pretty penny. Here is a summer to-do list to get your wheels turning on how to make this the most memorable summer on record!

father and daughter blowing bubbles
Is blowing bubbles on your family's summer to-do list?


Your Summer Fun To-Do List

  1. Join a reading program. Make one up yourself. Join a group at your local library, or just visit your local library with the kiddos once a week for some reading and a change of scenery.
  2. Draw. Color a picture for a long distance family member or friend. Draw some pictures for the elderly and take them to a local nursing home. Art work can always brighten up someone’s day. 
  3. Upcycle something. Turn an empty milk carton into a bird feeder. Collect and decorate old cans for organizing craft supplies.
  4. Learn to cook or bake. Pick out something to make together as a family, and create a meal from scratch. Two birds, one stone. 
  5. Play hide and seek. Or tag. Or kick the can, kickball, soccer, wiffleball, anything! 
  6. Go on a family hike or bike ride. 
  7. Create a play or a puppet show. 
  8. Have a water balloon fight. 
  9. Organize books or toys on a rainy day and choose some to donate. 
  10. Make a snack necklace to eat during a movie. 
  11. Go to a duck pond and feed the ducks. 
  12. Build a fort, inside or outside. Or both!
  13. Paint some rocks for the garden. 
  14. Make homemade play dough.
  15. Create an obstacle course and try to beat your best time. 
  16. Make homemade lemonade, and set up a lemonade stand. 
  17. Run through the sprinkler. 
  18. Build sandcastles in a sand box or at the beach if you’re lucky enough to live close by. 
  19. Make a homemade pizza. 
  20. Chase butterflies. 
  21. Wash the car — or the family pet.
  22. Make a treasure map together and hunt for buried treasures. 
  23. Watch the clouds and figure out what they look like. 
  24. Watch — or create — a parade. 
  25. Play hopscotch. 
  26. Write your own story. 
  27. Paint with water. 
  28. Play with Legos or blocks. 
  29. Catch bugs or frogs. 
  30. Play board games. 
  31. Water the garden. 
  32. Go on a nature scavenger hunt. 
  33. Jump rope. 
  34. Call a grandparent or great-grandparent and ask them what they used to do in summers when they were your age. 
  35. Make leaf rubs.
  36. See how far you can throw a ball. 
  37. Look through old pictures or scrapbooks.
  38. Make up a dance.
  39. Write a letter to your teacher. 
  40. Go swimming.
  41. Go for a walk or run. 
  42. Take turns making funny faces.
  43. Blow bubbles.
  44. Fly kites.
  45. Go to a museum. 
  46. Have a picnic lunch at the park. 
  47. Make mud pies. 
  48. Have an ice cream party. 
  49. Throw a Frisbee. 
  50. Watch fireworks.
  51. Camp out in the back yard.
  52. Go to the zoo. 
  53. Go mini golfing. 
  54. Go to a pick-your-own farm and pick fresh fruits or veggies. 
  55. Create and fulfill a local park bucket list for your town.

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