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50 Things to Add to Your Spring Bucket List

A list of mostly free things to do with your kids this spring to make it the most memorable one yet!

1.    Make homemade bubbles to blow
2.    Volunteer at a nursing home or animal shelter
3.    Bake and decorate cupcakes with pastel sprinkles inside
4.    Play rock-paper-scissors
5.    Make paper airplanes
6.    Lay out a blanket and observe cloud shapes
7.    Visit the library and join if you haven’t already
8.    Have a tea party
9.    Visit a farm or farmer’s market
10.    Tour a factory
11.    Take a bike ride
12.    Volunteer for a local clean-up day
13.    Go birdwatching
14.    Play hopscotch
15.    Visit a national park
16.    Take pictures in the green grass
17.    Go fishing
18.    Decorate pet rocks
19.    Feed ducks at a pond
20.    Go on a scavenger hunt
21.    Sing songs
22.    Go stargazing
23.    Go for a hike
24.    Make shadow puppets
25.    Plant a garden
26.    Build a campfire on a warm night
27.    Fly a kite
28.    Draw with sidewalk chalk
29.    Do a puzzle
30.    Climb a tree
31.    Tell jokes
32.    Make homemade bird feeders
33.    Throw a Frisbee
34.    Make a scrapbook
35.    Play a board game
36.    Wash the car on a warm day
37.    Watch a movie
38.    Play charades
39.    Build a blanket fort
40.    Go on a picnic
41.    Go to the zoo
42.    Play cards
43.    Bake cookies decorated with pastel tinted frosting
44.    Have a pillow fight
45.    Go to the playground
46.    Jump in puddles
47.    Have a lemonade stand
48.    Go to a museum
49.    Pick flowers
50.    Play hide and seek