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Family Camping: Your Ultimate Guide to Camping With Kids

family camping trip with adults and children

Family Camping: Your Ultimate Guide to Camping With Kids

Camping is a fun outdoor activity that can be enjoyed nearly all year round, depending on where you live. Add kids to the mix, and your family camping adventures take on a new level of fun, but also a special set of things to consider, such as what to eat, what to pack, camping gear, planned activities and so much more. Here is your MomsWhoThink Ultimate Guide to Camping to ensure you are set up for success and that your family camping experience(s) create treasured memories that last a lifetime!

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Family Camping Tents

First things first. Where will your family sleep when you go on your camping trip? Well, a tent, of course! We have rounded up 12 amazing family tents perfect for all family sizes. From waterproof to extra-large to tents with separate rooms, here are your top family camping tent options!

family camping tents
Finding the perfect family camping tent is the first step on your adventure planning.


Camping With Kids Checklist

Consider this Camping With Kids Checklist your high-level look at the various things you'll need on your camping trip. From the obvious items like a tent and sleeping bags to the easy-to-forget things like a first-aid kit, consult with this list at the beginning of your planning and create your packing list accordingly.

first aid kit
With our handy “Camping With Kids Checklist,” you'll remember everything you need — all the way down to the first-aid kit!


Family Camping for Beginners

If you're new to the world of family camping, fear not! It can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't need to be. Consult our “Family Camping for Beginners” article to get useful tips to get started.

family camping portrait
New to family camping? Here's your guide to getting started.


Camping With a Baby? Yes, You Can!

Babies are always up for a new adventure. So if your family loves the great outdoors, then why not take the whole family — including your baby — camping? A little extra preparation may be needed, but it's totally do-able and will no doubt be a memorable experience!

camping baby
If you love to camp, get Baby involved in the action from early on. Here's how to camp with a baby.


Easy Camping Meals for Families

Aside from perhaps the tent, food is an obvious part of your pre-camping planning. In addition to three meals a day, you'll need between-meal snacks and the must-have s'mores fixins. Check out this article featuring easy camping meals for families and you'll be all set!

s'mores fixings
In addition to easy camping meal ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you cannot forget the s'mores!

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10 Family Camping Games for All Ages

From flashlight tag and Charades to Alphabet Hunt and scavenger hunts, these are the camping games your family will love!

camping game - scavenger hunts
Scavenger hunts can be a fun family activity everyone can enjoy! Click to find more camping games and activities.


Family Camping Shirts

We're big fans of adding a special touch to family affairs to ensure they're unforgettable. And family camping shirts definitely fall under that umbrella. From how to DIY to where to order, you'll find everything you need to add in this extra layer of fun to your camping adventures!

family camping shirts
Family camping shirts add a fun twist to your packing list. Image: Etsy


Camping Basket Gift Idea

If you have a family member who is ALL ABOUT camping, this camping basket is a fantastic gift idea! You can completely customize it to their tastes and age, and it can even be a fun gift to give as you leave on your family camping trip to build the excitement.

Camping Basket
A camping basket is a great gift idea for birthdays, holidays or to give at the start of your family camping trip.

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