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SUMMER STARTER KIT: Everything you need to start your summer off right!

Summer starter kit - Such a cute way to kick off summertime with the kids!

SUMMER STARTER KIT: Everything you need to start your summer off right!

summer starter kit

Need a little something to get your summer started on the right foot? How do you prepare for 3 months of fun? I don’t think anyone can be prepared for EVERY adventure, but the last three years I have put together a Summer Starter Kit to cover most of the activities we will be doing together over the summer. It is the usual stuff I have to buy every summer- swimsuits and towels, goggles, homework book, summer journal etc. So, instead of buying things here and there throughout the summer, I wanted to be ready for anything right from the get go. I needed to get the kids excited about swimming lessons, outings together, family trips, and fun times around the house. I give them to the kids on their official first day of summer break, the Monday after their last day of school.

Summer starter kit - Such a cute way to kick off summertime with the kids!Summer Starter Kit for Kids 

Here is a list of things I put in my SUMMER STARTER KIT:
• Swimsuit (If you haven't heard of SwimZip, we LOVE them for kids!)
• Swim Goggles
• Flip Flops
• Cup (each have THEIR own water cup to use all day, instead of a new cup every 10 min)
• Bubbles
• Chalk
• Flashlight (for bear hunts, indoor and outdoor night games and backyard camp-outs- My kids LOVE these ones)
• Journal and Pencil (daily pick a fun topic everyone writes about, then shares. If your kids are between 4-10 years old, these Question and Answer journals are the best!)
• Car Games/Activities (find some fun ones here, or Zulily usually has fun travel stuff too)
• Homework Book
• Activity Book/Coloring Book
• Summer PJ’s (We live in AZ and it is HOT. So, I get a shirt/shorts set or light night gown)
• Beach Towel (Our kids love the hooded character towels. We have the mermaid, shark and princess)
Additional items you could add are:
• Kite (the rainbow kites get the best reviews)
• Water Balloons/Squirt Gun
• Diving toys
• Ball/Frisbee (outdoor games your kids enjoy)

It probably seems like a lot of stuff all at once. But in our house these are generally things I buy at least once during the summer anyway. Flashlights are a must in our house. We use them nightly. I just grab the $1 flashlights they sell everywhere. They last a long time and it’s not a big deal if it break or get lost. We often play night games in the house- Sardines, Hide and Seek, BOO and Seek, make shadow puppets, or go on a Bear Hunt. To play Bear Hunt you simple choose a Teddy Bear, one person hides it and everyone uses their flashlights to hunt for it. We like to chant, “We’re going on a Bear hunt. We’re gonna catch a Big One. We’re not scared” (from the Book, We’re going on a Bear Hunt) at the beginning of each hunt. We love it!

I found all the great activity books and games at Zulily.com! There are a lot of great products for summer on their website.

boy Kit

girl kit

But the kids are not the only ones who need a kit! I am the one who needs to have all the essentials for whatever may happen when we are out and about. I stick my wallet and keys in my Summer Bag. I will most likely not see my purse again until the Fall. My bag has everything I need to keep things running smoothly.

 Summer Starter Kit for Mom

I also make tote bag full of MOM ESSENTIALS KIT supplies:
• Sunscreen
• Chapstick
• Sunglasses
• Hair ties
• Bandaids
• Tylenol (for a adults and kids)
• Tissues
• Hat
• Water Bottle (This is by far the best water bottle I have EVER used –and I'm a water bottle FREAK. Keeps your water cold for at least 24 hrs, doesn't leak, and the spout is easy to drink from while lying down).
• Snacks (that don’t melt,)
• Phone charger/car phone charger
• Lotion
• Nail clippers
• Coins (a few places we like to go have pay meters)
• Baby wipes (because someone always need their face cleaned)
• Kid books (just 2 or 3 to help pass the time in long lines or waiting areas)
• Bug spray (for those evening activities when the mosquitoes come buggin’)

My kids are out of the baby diaper/bottle stage so I don’t need those things but if you have kids that age, add some of those needs to your bag.
I hope you enjoy all of your summer adventures and that the Summer Starter kits help you all summer long!

finished kits

What do YOU think would be fun to include in a summer starter kit??

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