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Family Camping for Beginners

family camping trip with adults and children

Family Camping for Beginners

Family camping is often considered a great activity or vacation parents and kids can share. Enthusiasts maintain that the effort yields numerous benefits such as teaching children about teamwork, enjoying nature, obtaining fresh air, investigating new and different environments, getting physical activity, and spending quality time with loved ones. That said, camping vacations require a significant degree of research and planning. This is especially true when those planning such excursions have never engaged in the activity before. Consider this your “Family Camping for Beginners” guide.

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If you want to instill a love for nature in your kids and make memories that last a lifetime, plan a family camping trip!


A Family Camping Guide For Beginners

Prior to setting out on a fun-filled family camping adventure, prospective travelers are strongly encouraged to take important issues into consideration like:

Deciding What Type Of Camping Trip To Take

Camping trips are typically divided into two categories: car camping and base camping. Car camping involves the use of recreational vehicles used to travel, sleep in, and store appropriate gear. Recreational vehicles usually park in campsites designated for said crafts. Base camping means setting up a base such as a tent and sojourning around a given area.

Many camping industry professionals strongly recommend that beginners choose the car camping option. However, those intent on planning a family camping trip outdoors are urged to first practice staying outside in their backyard or any other appropriate site. Doing so will offer traveling both adults and children practice partaking in vital actions like pitching a tent, familiarizing themselves with pertinent gear, and sleeping outdoors.

Choosing The Best Time To Camp

Experienced campers often schedule excursions during all seasons. That said, those in the know suggest that beginners camping with children plan outings when outdoor temperatures are moderate like the spring or fall. Winter camping is not advised for beginners because it requires the use of specialized gear and clothing.

Gathering The Necessary Essentials

Experienced campers maintain that prospective travelers pack a parcel containing necessary items such as a knife, sunscreen, some type of portable lighting, bottled water, navigational devices, and a first aid kit.

Packing The Proper Clothing

Clothing is key to a successful and enjoyable family camping trip. Industry professionals stress that style is not important. However, future campers should follow the suggestion known as base, insulation, and shell.

Base is the layer of clothing used to cover the camper's skin. This should vary in thickness depending on the temperatures in the intended location. Insulation is considered added protection like a heavy coat. Lastly, the shell covering is designed to shield campers from harsh elements like wind and rain. Examples of this clothing article are wind breaker jackets, hats, and visors.

Experienced campers recommend bringing basics such as long pants, hiking boots, several pairs of socks, gloves, hats, and at least two pairs or shoes.

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Bringing Important Tools

Safe and happy camping vacations necessitate the use of numerous important tools. Such items include water filtration devices unless the family is lodging at a campsite with running water, insect repellent, fire wood, fire kindling material, saws or axes, hammers, some type of emergency signal, sleeping bags, cooking gear like pots and pans, silverware, plates, and bowls, rope or cord, duct tape, and appropriate food storage containers.

For those planning outdoor excursions, the most crucial piece of gear is a tent. Camping industry professionals suggest investing in one that offers relatively straightforward assembly and is large enough to comfortably accommodate Mom, Dad, the kids, and whoever else is coming along for the ride.

Avoiding Pricey Gear

Camping experts stress that gear can be a bit pricey. Fortunately, however, beginners might avoid this pitfall by borrowing or renting the necessary material. Local camping outlets might offer such deals. If no retailers are situated nearby, prospective campers are likely to find such offers via internet searches.

Setting Up Shelter

Those planning on camping outdoors must prepare shelter soon after arriving at the campsite. Well-versed sojourners recommend setting up a tent on ground that is level and smooth. Moreover, appreciable weight should be left inside the tent. This will guard against collapse in the event of powerful wind gusts.

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Additionally, campers are encouraged to lay out all sleeping gear before going on any hikes, taking nature excursions, or partaking in any other leisure activity. Such efforts can be tedious and time-consuming. However, for safety and comfort purposes, they need to be executed properly. Therefore, said actions should not be performed at the end of the day when travelers are tired and in no mood to complete these tasks.

Formulating Family Camping Menus

Food is often a memorable aspect of the camping experience for adults and kids alike. Travelers are urged to pack a solid number of edibles that do not require cooking such as peanut butter, sandwich products, raw vegetables, and fruits. Campers are also advised to plan meals that can easily be cooked over a campfire like eggs, soups, pasta, and rice. Here are some easy camping meals for families.

Many who give camping for beginners advice also often stress that those setting up shop in the woods should remember to store or discard food at least 100 yards away from the campsite to keep wild animals at bay.

Planning Fun But Manageable Activities

The activities enjoyed during family camping vacations will vary depending on the specific destinations. However, common but fun undertakings include nature hikes, bird watching, viewing sunsets and sunrises, or playing cards by a campfire. Here are 10 Family Camping Games to get your wheels turning.

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