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The 10 Best Camps In Colorado Today

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The 10 Best Camps In Colorado Today

We all want the finest experience for our children, which is why it's critical to choose a proper summer camp that meets their needs and helps them grow in one way or another. They have the potential to offer children some of their most unforgettable memories!

Colorado has a range of possibilities for you to pick from, whether you want something conventional with hiking and campfire activities or something with mind-challenging activities. Your children will have a great time at these exciting camps. Here is our roundup of some of the best camps in Colorado today. 

The countdown to summer camp is over
Summer camps are a great way to get your kids out of their comfort zone and learn some new skills.


1. Colvig Silver Camps

Colvig Silver Camps is a summer camp located on 600 acres of forested terrain in the San Juan Mountains, Durango, Colorado, offering campers a magnificent natural location to explore and enjoy. 

Adventure, art, hiking, fishing, archery, and music are among the many programs available to children and teenagers at the camp. The camp's philosophy is founded on the idea that every child is unique and that they should be encouraged to pursue their interests and hobbies. This outstanding summer camp aims to teach children skills that will help them as they grow and progress in life.

Colvig Camps have been in existence since 1962 and is an American Camp Association-approved facility. There are various age-appropriate programs designed to keep your child busy with constructive fun. Each lasts ranging from a few days to a week and allows students to develop life skills and establish lifetime connections. Summer camps include organized themes and activities, as well as free-choice possibilities for youngsters who want to try something new of their choosing.

Elementary kids will have the unique opportunity to participate in a three-day vacation. Middle school kids can also go on thrilling field trips to a neighboring lake, canyon, or reservoir. Students in high school can even go on a solo journey to experience the outdoors firsthand while employing the survival skills they've learned to care for themselves.

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Horseback riding, canoeing, white water rafting, rock climbing, wilderness experiences, mountain biking, and camp sports like Capture the Flag await those who come.

2. Camp Telaphiba

Camp Telaphiba is an overnight dancing camp in Copper Mountain, Broomfield, Colorado. Lisa Pevateaux created the summer camp to assist boys and girls in making friendships, learning to dance, and experiencing the environment in an all-in-one session.

There are five summer camps for youngsters ages 10 to 18 who enjoy or wish to learn to dance. All campers participate in various dance classes such as jazz, hip-hop, and ballet. It's one of Colorado's greatest summer camps for creative kids.

They also learn to create their dances and perform as a group. This camp isn't only about dance; students can also walk, swim, and lounge around a campfire with their fellow campers.

Camp Telaphiba aims to assist children in making relationships that will affect their lives. Campers gain confidence, resilience, and self-esteem while they get high-quality dancing instruction from qualified staff. Their self-assurance might motivate them to strive harder in other facets of their lives long after they leave camp.

Girls dancing
Performance arts camps are excellent avenues for children to explore their talents and passions.

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3. Avid4 Adventure 

Avid4 Adventure is a summer camp provider based in Colorado that offers a variety of day and overnight sessions for children and teens ages 3 to 18. The camp has locations throughout Colorado, including Denver, Boulder, Golden, and Castle Rock. Avid4Adventure is a fun, traditional summer camp program. It's all about outdoor adventure, making new friends, and good old-fashioned camp fun!

The programs at Avid4 Adventure are centered on outdoor adventure sports such as rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, paddle boarding, and hiking. Camps are available for children of all ability levels, from beginners to advanced.

The camp's programming is intended to encourage physical fitness, self-confidence, and an appreciation for the outdoors. Along with adventure activities, Avid4 Adventure provides leadership development programs where campers may acquire vital skills like teamwork, communication, and problem-solving.

Avid4 Adventure's commitment to inclusivity and accessibility is one of its distinguishing features. To effectively help campers with impairments in participating in activities, the camp provides adaptable equipment and expert coaching.

First through Fifth Grade

The first through fifth grades will spend their overnight camps (and sleep in cabins) in Evergreen, while the sixth through twelfth grades will be in Bailey. Each overnight summer camp session is organized by grade level, so first and second grade will be together, third and fourth grade will be placed together, and so on.

Biking, climbing, skits, kayaking, ziplining, and other exciting activities are available for the younger groups. Middle school students will enjoy trekking, biking, archery, games, ropes courses, and other activities.

High School Age

High schoolers can expect a three-night hiking trip, ropes courses, kayaking, rock climbing, and other standard camp activities await high schoolers. Older high school students can also apply for camp worker training courses.

Avid4's core values include inclusivity (with qualified personnel who are sensitive and kind), confidence building, and professionals ready to provide your children with an excellent experience.

For those who would like an extra experience, Avid4 also provides Expedition camps, where older children can immerse themselves even more in nature by tent camping. Expedition camps are held with smaller groups but still feature a variety of exciting outdoor adventure activities.

4. Camp Chief Ouray

Camp Chief Ouray is a summer camp near Granby, Colorado, about two hours northwest of Denver. The YMCA of the Rockies owns and operates the camp, which provides a variety of overnight summer camps for children and teens aged 7 to 17.

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Camp Chief Ouray sits on the foot of a mountain and provides campers with access to a reservoir and a creek close to its campus. It began nearly a century ago as an all-boys expedition and has since expanded to include both boys and girls.

The programs at Camp Chief Ouray are intended to provide campers with chances for personal growth and development, as well as outdoor adventure and pleasure. Horseback riding, hiking, rock climbing, archery, arts and crafts, and other activities are available at the camp.

Camp Chief Ouray offers a variety of camps based on the duration of stay and the age of the children. Their day camps are a week long and end at 4:30 p.m. daily. In their overnight programs, older children can participate in two to four-week-long outdoor experiences. During their time at summer camp, participants might gain confidence and learn how to operate as a team.  

Hiking expeditions, archery, and other outdoor activities provided here allow youth to connect with nature. Back at camp, counselors organize enjoyable activities like arts & crafts and camp games. They also have a prominent horseback riding program and offer adventure expeditions into the vast outdoors. 

5. Keystone Science School

Do you have a youngster that is particularly interested in science? This is an overnight summer camp just for them!

They'll get a terrific combination of usual camp adventure and science at Keystone Science overnight camps in Keystone, Colorado. The camp caters to children and teenagers aged 5 to 17 and offers a variety of day and overnight sessions focused on science, outdoor adventure, and environmental education.

The programs at Keystone Science School give campers hands-on learning experiences that encourage curiosity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Hiking, camping, rock climbing, mountain biking, archery, and other activities are also available at the camp.

Diverse school children students build robotic cars using computers and coding. Happy multiethnic kids learning programming robot vehicles sitting at table at STEM education science engineering class.
Science camps give children a chance to engage in science and technology in a hands-on way.

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While the majority of the camp takes place at Keystone Science School, kids have numerous options to explore off campus. Depending on the week they attend, kids will participate in an overnight hiking expedition, adventure activities in Summit County, hikes, and several other activities. (rafting, horseback riding, etc.)

The major camp programs cater to children in grades 2 through 8. They can join a leadership program after they reach high school.

Accommodations include lodge dorms (all grades) and canvas tents. (available for grades 4-6).

6. Cheley Colorado Camps

Cheley is a sleepaway camp that aims to inspire and educate future generations. It is one of the top overnight campgrounds in Colorado and has been in operation since 1921 near Estes Park, Colorado. It is located in the Rocky Mountains, near streams, ponds, and forests. Campers can care for and learn from hundreds of horses on campus.

Signing up for a five-night session is encouraged for young and first-time campers. Older, more experienced campers can join up for a term of up to 27 days. Cheley Colorado Camps feel that spending a month outside is the best way to connect with and appreciate nature. They also have a family camp option for families to spend quality time together outside.

Each session provides opportunities for campers to try new things and succeed at their favorite activities. Children travel from all around the country to go fishing, hiking, and backpacking. With additional possibilities for white water rafting, horseback riding, ropes courses, arts & crafts, and more, there's something for everyone!

7. Geneva Glen Camp

Geneva Glen Camp is located in Indian Hills, a forested area outside of Denver. The camp's goal is to better the futures of all children who participate in its summer activities. They are committed to producing future leaders by providing participants with ongoing support, advice, and outdoor education. This summer camp also places a strong emphasis on horseback riding.

Geneva Glen Camp offers six programs for children ages 6 to 16 during the summer. They can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. All programs involve students of diverse ages, allowing them to collaborate while learning new skills and forming long-lasting connections.

The themes of the camp include knighthood, mythology and magic, world friendship, and others. Most kids are eager to participate in activities such as alchemy, archery, ropes courses, and others. While participating in activities, campers learn how to respect principles such as honor and honesty.

This program teaches youngsters to appreciate and enjoy nature while also training them on how to navigate the natural world. Campers discover what they are capable of, aspire to achieve better, and take their confidence and memorable experiences with them when they leave the program via sword work, productions, and team competitions.

8. Eagle Lake Camps

Eagle Lake Camps is a Christian summer camp in the Colorado mountains. The camp is geared for children and teenagers ages 8 to 18 and offers a variety of overnight and day activities that emphasize faith, character development, and outdoor experience.

Hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, archery, fishing, and a host of other outdoor activities are available at Eagle Lake Camps. The camp also places a significant emphasis on character development and provides leadership development programs for older campers to learn vital skills like communication, teamwork, and decision-making.

The facilities at Eagle Lake Camps are designed to offer campers a comfortable and safe environment. There are modern dormitory-style cabins, dining halls, and activity centers at the camp. Eagle Lake Camps provide year-round activities such as retreats, leadership development programs, and family camps in addition to summer camps.

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Overall, Eagle Lake Camps is an excellent choice for families looking for a Christian summer camp that focuses on faith, character development, and outdoor adventure for their children. The camp's emphasis on leadership development, community service, and the formation of solid relationships makes it an excellent choice for parents who want their children to gain key life skills while having fun and meeting new people.

9. Sanborn Western Camps

Sanborn Western Camps is a summer camp located about 90 minutes southwest of Denver in Florissant, Colorado. The camp, located on 6,000 acres of rugged terrain in the Pike National Forest, offers a range of overnight summer camps for children and teenagers from ages 7 to 17. They are the country's largest private camp, able to deliver unique experiences in a national forest with more permits than any other outfitter in Colorado. 

The camp, which was established in 1948, has a long history of offering exceptional summer camp experiences for children. Sanborn Western Camps provide a variety of camp programs such as classic overnight camps, horseback riding camps, and adventure camps.

Sanborn Western Camps have been providing secure and high-quality learning experiences for over seventy years at their overnight camp. As youth development experts, they know that skill development occurs through a balance of options. With a typical in-camp community, campers may be a part of something bigger while also having the option to create their schedule and go on more adventurous longer off-property expeditions and trips.

Your child will develop a greater appreciation for the natural world's beauty and enchantment. With a personalized schedule for the camper, you can be confident that their experience will be unique and tailored specifically to them.

summer camp kayak kid
Your child takes helpful skills, such as kayaking, home with them from camps.


10. Camp Granite Lake

Camp Granite Lake exemplifies how much they care about giving their campers nothing but comfort and support. Counselors, who value promoting social and emotional development, create an ideal setting for interacting with nature and people. 

The staff develops personal relationships with campers and parents, demonstrating how warm and nice this camp is. The camp, located in the Colorado mountains less than an hour south of Denver, sits on 135 acres for campers to explore as well as an 8-acre lake. 

Campers can also choose from activities such as sailing, fishing, and swimming. Your little one will stay in simple but pleasant cabins and eat their meals in lakeside dining tents.


These are just some of the best camps in Colorado today. There are many more excellent camps in the state, and across the US, so select the one that best meets your child’s requirements and interests.

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