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Use This Camping Checklist the Next Time You Go Camping

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Use This Camping Checklist the Next Time You Go Camping

Getting ready for camping might feel overwhelming, but we're here to help. We've got a very comprehensive checklist here for you to print out and use for your next camping adventure! Let's check it out.

Key Points

  • Remember that you won't have easy access to a store, so bring everything you might need. There's no need to overpack, but follow this checklist carefully.
  • Double check the rules of the campground you'll be visiting.
  • If you're going with children, teach them wilderness safety. Make sure they understand that even though they'll be outdoors, they shouldn't be screaming or acting too wild. Other campers won't appreciate overly rambunctious children.

Camping Checklist

Shelter and Bedding
__ tent
__ tarp
__ sleeping bag
__ sleeping pad
__ headrest

Cooking / Eating
__ water
__ food
__ cooler
__ camp stove
__ mess kit
__ can opener
__ charcoal
__ butane lighter
__ salt and pepper
__ herbs and spices
__ cooking oil
__ pot holders
__ paper towels
__ napkins
__ plastic trash bags
__ tongs and spatula
__ aluminum foil
__ measuring cups
__ plastic silverware
__ paper plates/bowls
__ plastic cups
__ zip lock bags
__ knives

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__ binoculars
__ bug spray
__ camera
__ candles
__ cards, games
__ cell phone
__ clothes pins
__ compass
__ duct tape
__ fishing gear
__ flashlight
__ knife
__ lantern
__ matches
__ pen and paper
__ rope
__ sun block
__ tools
__ whistle

__ t-shirts
__ shorts
__ jeans/pants
__ socks
__ shoes/boots
__ camp shoes
__ hat/cap
__ sweater
__ rain poncho
__ underwear
__ swim suit
__ laundry bag

Personal Hygiene
__ tooth brush
__ tooth paste
__ wash rag(s)
__ towel(s)
__ soap
__ comb/brush
__ nail clippers
__ razor
__ toilet paper

Cleaning Items
__ broom
__ dust pan
__ dish pan
__ detergent
__ dish rags
__ pot scrubber

First Aid Kit
__ personal medication
__ bandages
__ aspirin, Tylenol
__ medical tape
__ sterile gauze
__ elastic wrap
__ antiseptic wipes
__ antibiotic cream
__ burn ointment
__ sunburn lotion
__ hydrogen peroxide
__ scissors
__ tweezers
__ eye wash
__ sanitary napkins
__ snake bite kit

Other Considerations for Your Camping Trip

While our checklist covers everything you'll need to bring on your camping trip, there's a few other considerations you'll need to make. Let's go over them now.

Be prepared for inclement weather. When you're sleeping outdoors, weather really matters. If you're in a camper, you won't have to worry too much, but it's a different story when you're in a tent. Make sure you have a plan for if it storms, as well as a way to keep everything important dry.

Remember to keep the campground's rules in mind. Every campground has their own rules. While most campgrounds have rules that are consistent with one another, some campgrounds have special rules. There also might be variation in quiet hours between campgrounds.

Teach your children wilderness safety. If you're going with kids, teach them about wilderness safety. Teach them how to act around a campfire, how to follow “leave no trace” policies, and how to treat wildlife they encounter. Remind them that just because they're outdoors, doesn't mean they should be screaming or acting particularly wild. Other campers won't appreciate all the noise, and in certain circumstances you may get in trouble with park rangers for being a disturbance.

Don't undertake activities you aren't prepared for. While it might be tempting to go on a spontaneous hike, you shouldn't do this unless you have the equipment for it. It's easy to get overwhelmed on certain outdoor activities, which will leave you particularly vulnerable to injury and collapse. Make sure you prep an itinerary beforehand, and avoid any spontaneous activities unless you are fully prepared.

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