Go Back in Time to Your Elementary School Days

The first day of elementary school was always exciting. After running around and calling friends to see who was in the same class and what teacher they had, we set off on a fresh new adventure. Most of what we started each new school year with was very different from what kids today use, but some favorites have stood the test of time.

Think back…do you remember these when you were in Elementary School?

Grocery Bag Book Covers

We loved these as kids, they were a blank slate for our artistic expression. Our moms thought otherwise, as they struggled to get them cut just right and then fit snugly around varying sizes of books.

The Crayola Box of 64 with the Built-In Sharpener

Crayola Box of 64 with the Built-In Sharpener
This one is still a favorite. The smell of a new box of crayons is the smell of childhood school days. The new points on each crayon, the perfect paper wrapping around each crayon, and the nice clean sharpener waiting to turn flat tops into pointed once again.


School Paste

Who can forget the big jars of paste? It smelled good, it was messy and fun, and there was always that one kid who ate it. Did it really taste that good?

Lunch Boxes with a Thermos

ALF Lunch Box

One of the best parts of back to school shopping was picking out a new lunchbox with our favorite character on it. Some of us grew up with metal lunch boxes, which then changed to plastic. It didn't matter what it was made of, it was our testament to whatever characters we were in love with that year.

Safety Scissors

Safety Scissors

Those small rounded scissors weren't just cutting utensils, they were a rite of passage – being allowed to use something that could was sharp. When you went up a few grades you got the pointy ones, a nod to your maturity and big kid status. That's also when you started hearing “Don't run with scissors!”

Wall Mounted Pencil Sharpeners

Wall Mounted Pencil Sharpener

Those things were tanks. They could take a brand new pencil and have it pointy for perfect cursive writing in a matter of seconds.

They were loud, but that was ok because you were away from your desk for a glorious couple of minutes. Bonus points for being allowed to sharpen a pencil during a test. That was like getting a coffee break.

The Best Classroom Helper Job Ever

Blackboard Eraser

We didn't have smart boards. We had chalkboards. With that came felt erasers that accumulated a good amount of chalk dust during the course of a day.

Being the one who was assigned as the helper that clapped the erasers was an honor like no other! You got to step outside to create a massive cloud of chalk dust, making sure they were clean and black as coal. All while milking the outside time of course.

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