Reposado vs. Blanco: Two Key Differences & Cocktail Ideas For Each

glasses of tequila, gold tequila and silver tequila, typical mexican drink

Reposado vs. Blanco: Two Key Differences & Cocktail Ideas For Each

Reposado vs. Blanco: What makes them different? They are both tequilas with different tastes and aging processes. They are also for different cocktails. There's also a unique history between these two tequilas and what makes them unique.

Reposado means “rested” in Spanish. This means that this particular tequila's aging process is between two months and a year. They are also typically aged in oak barrels. On the other hand, Blanco is aged between 0 and 59 days.

Looking at more of the unique history and taste differences between Reposado and Blanco can give you an idea of which one you should try more. It can provide you with insight into which one you might like more. It can also give you ideas on what cocktails to make.

What Makes Reposado vs. Blanco Different?

glasses of tequila, gold tequila and silver tequila, typical mexican drink
Tequila can carry a sweeter taste than many other types of mezcal. Additionally, tequila can only come from one specific agave plant, the blue Weber agave.


While Tequila originally came out thousands and thousands of years ago. The first commercially made tequila came out in the 1700s. In fact, in 1758, the Cuervo family was the first to distill tequila during that period. Beyond this history, unique differences exist in taste, flavor, and the distillation process between these tequilas.

While they are considered tequila, the difference is in the taste and distillation process. There's an art to each of them. Here are two significant ways that reposado and blanco differ regarding the aging process and how both taste.

The Distilling Differences Between Reposado and Blanco

Tequila has three major classifications: Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo. The difference comes down to how each of them is aged and how it affects their flavor.

When it comes to Blanco, it's unconsidered aged very little or unaged. For example, Blanco or Silver doesn't have an oak age. The flavor comes from the agave from the fermentation process. While Blanco can be aged up to two months, it's usually bottled immediately after distillation. The purpose of this is to create a strong fruity flavor.

However, when it comes to reposado, there is an aging process in the oak barrels. This process typically lasts for a few months to a year. The reason for this aging process is to mask the strong agave flavor that is present in this tequila. There are also different fruit flavors in this tequila. The taste also resembles vanilla or caramel. Reposado is often a good balance between the bright flavor of blanco and the stronger añejo tequila.

Taste Differences

One of the reasons that Blanco has a strong agave taste is because it's bottled immediately. There are also hints of pepper and citrus. Blanco also tastes bold, at least when compared to reposado. This is because there's no aging process with Blanco. However, Blanco does have a sweeter taste to it when compared to reposado. The taste is also fruitier.

Reposado's aging process is what gives way to vanilla and caramel notes. Since there is a longer aging process than Blanco, reposado also has a smoother taste, making it easier to drink for some. There are also hints of honey. Others might describe reposado as having a cinnamon or spicy taste to it.

Overall, there is no clear winner in taste. It comes down to what you prefer when it comes to tequila. You may prefer tequila that is smoother and has aged longer. You may also choose Blanco, the less-aged and bolder tequila. Trying both by themselves or in cocktails can give you a better idea.

Different Cocktails For Each Tequila

Now that you know how reposado and blanco taste, you may be curious how each tastes with different cocktails. You can also make unique cocktails, depending on if you want something sweeter or stronger-tasting.

Here are some of the best cocktails you can make with reposado tequila:

  • Cadillac Margarita
  • Reposado Old Fashioned Cocktail
  • Reposado Paloma
  • Tequila Sour
  • Pear Nectar with Reposado Tequila

Here are some of the best cocktails you can make with blanco tequila:

Shots of tasty tequila with lime on table in bar
Reposado vs. Blanco has more differences than you might realize.


What's the Better Choice?

Reposado and Blanco offer different aging processes and different tastes. They are unique in themselves. There's no wrong choice in whatever you decide. The best thing to do is to try both and see which one you enjoy more.

Overall, this guide gives you a glimpse into how these tequilas differ. You know how they age and taste differently, and you can make some of the most popular cocktails with either. Whatever you decide, you'll discover that they are the finest tequilas ever made.

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