9 Restaurants with 24-Hour Breakfast

Denny's delicious tres leches pancakes

9 Restaurants with 24-Hour Breakfast

Over the years, there have been more and more restaurants that are opting to serve breakfast 24-hours a day. There are some people who work overnight shifts, others who work odd hours like truck drivers, and some who simply crave pancakes and bacon day and night. Whatever the reason, there are many customers who will pay to eat what they want when they want it. There are many restaurants with 24-hour breakfast around the country, and these are the best options available today.


This is the quintessential fast-food restaurant and undoubtedly one of the most famous restaurants with 24-hour breakfast. When people think about going out for breakfast, most think of Dennys. 

The restaurant is open just about every day of the year, and they want people to come there whenever they're hungry and want a hot cup of coffee. Denny’s is nationwide, and there’s likely to be several restaurants in your city. In addition to being famous for always being open, Denny’s also has several popular breakfast options, including their Grand Slam, the All-American Slam, Moons Over My Hammy, and the Ultimate Omelette. The company has expanded their selection quite a bit over the years, and now you can get salads, pot roast, steak, and even spaghetti and meatballs.


You’ll find Perkins restaurants in America and Canada. Though not all of them are open 24 hours, many of them are. If you find one, you’ll be able to enjoy amazing breakfast options every hour of the day and you’ll get some of the best service you’ve ever had. Popular breakfast items at Perkins include the brioche French toast platter, country-fried steak and eggs, California avocado Benedict, and “triple egg dara ya,” just to name a few. The other claim to fame of Perkins is that each restaurant is also a bakery. You can get delicious pies in a variety of flavors, and if you go to the right restaurant, you can get them 24 hours a day.

Waffle House

Belgian waffles with blueberries, strawberries covered with chocolate
A good waffle will really hit the spot for breakfast, and Waffle House has you covered.

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While they’re not completely nationwide yet, Waffle House is one of the most recognizable breakfast places that you’ll find. You’ll spot a lot of these restaurants when you’re driving down the highways in the South and Midwest. This place is a favorite of truck drivers and people on all-night road trips. Waffle house is one of the restaurants with 24-hour breakfast, and they’re open basically every day of the year, even on most holidays. In fact, when many Waffle House managers learn that a storm is approaching, they’ll request extra supplies so they can ensure they don’t run out of anything. 

Famous dishes at Waffle House include their All-Star breakfast special, their tasty biscuits, and the hot coffee that can really hit the spot. It’s not the healthiest food on the planet, but it will satisfy your hunger when you need it most. 

Taco Cabana

a delicious alternative meat taco bowl with rice black bean guacamole tomatoes and onions
Most people don't immediately think of Taco Cabana when thinking about breakfast, but they do have some great options.

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No, most people don’t really think about Taco Cabana when they’re hungry for breakfast, but it does deserve a place on this list. For starters, most of the 150+ locations are open 24 hours a day, so you can eat there when you’re hungry and know you will be satisfied. On top of that, there are many tasty breakfast options at Taco Cabana. They have breakfast burritos, egg tacos, hash browns, and potato tacos. They also have tasty breakfast bowls, such as the Chorizo & Egg Breakfast Cabana Bowl, Sausage & Egg Breakfast Cabana Bowl, and the Breakfast Cabana Bowl with Egg.

In addition to having great menu options, Taco Cabana is also known for making new food fresh every day and for the relaxing patio dining areas.


ihop brunch on sunday morning
IHOP is another breakfast juggernaut with some incredible options to start your day.


Granted, not every IHOP location is open 24-hours a day, but many of them are. Those that aren’t are open until 10 PM or later, so you can pretty much get breakfast as often as you’d like. This restaurant is so synonymous with all-day breakfast that many people often think about Dennys and IHOP in the same breath. You can dine in, order online, pick up, and eat your breakfast your way. There’s even Wi-Fi available, so you can hang around all day and night and enjoy yourself along the way. Many people prefer IHOP breakfast options to many of the other restaurants on this list. Some of the highlights include their original buttermilk pancakes and french toast, their breakfast sampler, and the New York cheesecake pancakes.


This is another restaurant with a bit of a caveat, but it does serve breakfast when many other restaurants do not. Whataburger is not nationwide, but if you see one while driving down the road, then be sure to stop. They have really good hamburgers, chicken burgers, salads, fries, and more. You can get most of their regular menu items 24 hours a day. As for their breakfast, it’s only available 11 PM to 11 AM. While you can’t technically get it any time, you can get breakfast at all hours of the night, so it’s great for 3rd shift workers and other folks who may be starting their day when the moon is still the only source of light in the night sky. 

The best part is that Whataburger has some fantastic breakfast options. Currently, there’s a jalapeno cheddar biscuit that’s to die for. It’s only temporary, so get it soon. However, the permanent breakfast options are also delicious. There’s breakfast burgers, biscuit sandwiches, biscuit and gravy meals, breakfast platters with bacon, and more. This is a breakfast you should not pass up.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Bobbin for donuts
Donuts are a staple of breakfast, so check out Dunkin' Donuts for your fix.


This is another case where not every location will be open 24-hours, but there are many Dunkin’ Donuts locations that serve their tasty offerings all day and night. This place has been around for decades, and it’s often the first place that people think of when they are hungry for breakfast. In addition to their wide selection of donuts, the restaurant also sells breakfast sandwiches, bagels, muffins, and snacks and wraps. The restaurant is also very well known for its many coffee options and other beverages. You can get espresso, hot coffee, cold coffee, frozen drinks, and more. If you’re ever hankering for a special donut, head to your local Dunkin’ Donuts.

Jack in the Box

If you’re looking for a restaurant that has everything, look no further than Jack in the Box. While not every location is open all day and night, many of the restaurants are open 24 hours, even if it is just the drive-thru. Jack in the Box has been in the breakfast game for a long time. In fact, they were one of the first fast-food restaurants to offer a breakfast sandwich way back in 1969. 

Jack in the Box has many breakfast offerings on their menu. There are breakfast bagels, croissants, breakfast burritos, breakfast sandwiches, meals with bacon, jumbo platters with sausage, and more. There’s something for everyone. That’s on top of their already expansive menu that offers a wide variety of options, ranging from burgers and shakes to tacos and more.

White Castle

Finally, we have White Castle, which has many locations that are open 24-hours a day. The restaurant is most famous for their tiny hamburgers, but they also have tasty breakfast options as well. Most common is their breakfast slider, which has bacon or sausage and egg and cheese. They also sell a Belgian waffle slider, a chicken & waffles slider, and a box of hash browns, among other great choices. You can return later in the day and enjoy a few burgers and their new sloppy Joe burgers.


These are the major restaurants with 24-hour breakfast. Granted, these are just the most famous establishments. Based on where you live, there are likely many smaller and local restaurants that are open 24 hours. To find them, complete a Google search for “24 hour restaurants + your city.” Best of luck and happy eating!

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