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13 Top Montessori Schools in Austin

13 Top Montessori Schools in Austin

If you feel that the Montessori method is what’s right for your child, then Austin has some of the top Montessori schools where children can learn from qualified guides and instructors. In this article, we look at what Austin has to offer from playgroups to preschools that are worth looking into.

Student playing independently in Montessori classroom
The right Montessori school can help foster independence and creativity.


The Montessori Approach

You’ve likely heard of the Montessori technique, but what makes this educational approach truly special? Dr. Maria Montessori, a pediatrician and psychiatrist established the Montessori method in 1907. It places a focus on nature, creativity, and hands-on learning with the teachers offering gentle guidance to little ones. In addition to developing their reading, language, and math abilities, children also learn about different cultures, animals, and plants.

Nurturing scholastic ability and developing a child's senses, character, and practical life skills are some of the objectives of the Montessori method. There are many Montessori schools in Austin to pick from, ranging from those that stick to the Montessori ideology to those that have received official accreditation.

Top Montessori Schools in Austin

1. Northwest Montessori House of Children

Ms. Shireen De Silva founded the Northwest Montessori House of Children in 1984. It serves kids from 18 months to 6 years old, encouraging them to learn through hands-on experiences and to be free to move at their speed. This is to their individual needs, which is true to the Montessori method of teaching.

The school has four campuses in total, each with a committed teaching staff that has received intensive Montessori method training.

The playground offers shade as well as a place for the kids to play, and the classrooms have the most up-to-date Montessori teaching materials and tools.

2. Bluebonnet Montessori School of Lakeway

In 2001, the Bluebonnet Montessori School of Lakeway came to be. It is situated in the picturesque countryside on three acres of land bordered by oak trees. The personnel at the school are highly qualified and certified in Montessori education to give the students an excellent education in a setting that nurtures each child's potential. The school also places a strong emphasis on the environment, conservation, and the improvement of world awareness.

The school provides programs for little ones aged 3 to 10 years old. The ultimate aim of the Bluebonnet School is to instill a love of learning in each kid as well as values like accountability, respect, and integrity.

A young girl is seated on a rug center frame the rug is striped with one large white stripe followed by an orangey brown stripe that is not as wide, and then a pink stripe followed by another orangey brown stripe. The pink stripe is a little bit wider than the orangey brown stripes but only about half as wide as the white stripe. The orangey brown stripes are about 1/3 the size of the white stripes. The pattern repeats four times on the small rug. The rug is on carpet that is tan and wheat colored. The young girl is looking down her focus is on her hands which are dropping some colorful manipulatives onto the small rug. They are red yellow blue and green. They are about the size of a quarter, but they are not round. The little girl has on a long sleeve gray shirt with white lace running the length of both sleeves. She is wearing indigo denim jeans. The little girl is the focus of the picture although there are other people in the frame they are out of focus. There are also other rugs visible in the frame. One behind the girl is striped with light blue and green with the light blue stripes being larger than the green ones. A woman with long blonde hair is partially visible on the right side of the frame.
An ideal Montessori school should provide ample space and time for a child to play and let their imagination roam free!

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3. Cedars Montessori School

In 1974, Cedars Montessori School opened its doors. It is located on a 16-acre parcel of ground that is rich in vegetation. At Cedars Montessori School, the outdoor component is crucial because one of their main objectives is to help students acquire respect for nature and the outdoors. They do this by recognizing each student's distinct strengths so they can thrive in life with confidence.

The institution serves children between the ages of 3 and 12. It has three main classrooms, two elementary classrooms, and an upper elementary classroom. Here, children have the chance to interact with animals and a garden, which helps them learn to take accountability.

4. Julia’s Garden Montessori School

Located on 3/4 of an acre of picturesque countryside, Julia's Garden Montessori School is rooted in nature and combines academics with a focus on life lessons. The school employs the Montessori method in all aspects to provide kids with a secure, nurturing atmosphere where they can learn through doing. The school also prioritizes developing ecologically conscious citizens.

The Montessori technique is well-ingrained in the teachers at Julia's Garden. Both ICARE and the Association Montessori Internationale Teachers of Texas (AMITOT) have approved the school. This school offers instruction that continues through the primary years and satisfies important TEKS benchmarks.

5. Mariposa Montessori School

The Mariposa Montessori School, which opened its doors in 2007, is the only accredited member of the American Montessori Society in Austin. The school is flourishing and has more than 170 students enrolled. Children as young as 8 weeks and as old as 12 years are students here.

They are devoted to the genuine Montessori educational approach. The core of their teachings is the idea that everyone deserves respect. Mariposa offers a friendly, supportive, nurturing, and welcoming atmosphere. Here children can be true to who they are while developing a sense of independence.

For a high-quality Montessori education, all of the classrooms have teaching personnel that has received training from the American Montessori Society. In terms of admissions or employment, the school does not discriminate against any ethnic group, color, sex, or race.

Mariposa Montessori in the News

Mariposa has been the center of concern in the Austin Montessori community. A break-in back in December has caused the school to begin conversations with the city about improving safety near its campus. The intruder broke into the school early in the morning and wandered around for some time before police arrested him.

A homeless encampment near the school has been cited by Mariposa as a potential safety risk. The school has asked Austin officials to break the camp up. Mariposa is not the only location to have recent issues; a local church was broken into around the same time.

6. Parkside Community Montessori School

Eduardo Longoria and Mary Ann Justman, along with educators Joe and Claire Bruno, founded the Parkside Community Montessori School in 1991. Southwest Austin is home to the institution, which is located on a 12-acre campus. The region has a lovely landscape with many trees where the kids can play.

Along with a huge diversity of plant life, there is also a creek that meanders through the trees. Intentionally leaving a large part of the property undeveloped helps the kids forge a connection to the surrounding nature. This also preserves its natural beauty and is quite something to behold.

Students between the ages of 3 and 12 get to learn at this Montessori school. To create a vibrant social and academic atmosphere for the children, the school adheres strictly to the Montessori teaching methodologies.

Parkside Community Montessori in the News

Parkside Community Montessori currently has a multi-subject summer camp occurring on their campus. While attending this camp, campers can choose from a number of activities to do. These include sewing, coding, crafts, and sports. The activities are designed to occupy children's minds during the summer while developing their fine and gross motor skills.

The camp will finish July 28, but keep an eye out for it to return next summer. This camp is a great way to keep your young ones busy and engaged during the summer!

Group of small nursery school children with teacher sitting on floor indoors in classroom, montessori learning.
Qualified instructors play a big role in ensuring your child gets the best out of a Montessori education.

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7. Austin Montessori School

With the assistance of her family, Donna Pesoli founded Austin Montessori School in 1967, Austin's largest and most established Montessori institution. The school is committed to the Montessori method of instruction. Its ultimate goal is to bring about global peace through the development of strong students and the advancement of humanity as a whole.

The school accepts students as young as their infant stage, up to the age of 15. Their objective is to help kids develop in a manner that helps them stay true to who they are as people. They think that every child should develop into a well-rounded person who is considerate of the requirements of others.

8. The Arbor Montessori Academy

Arbor Montessori Academy caters to students between the ages of 12 months and 7 years. The school is open all year long and offers its students a variety of fun activities. The Arbor Montessori Academy offers a variety of extracurricular activities, such as cooking, art, language, and community service-oriented initiatives.

The school is based on Maria Montessori's philosophies about giving each pupil individualized attention and adheres to the Montessori method. The school makes it a goal for every one of its students should be able to advance at their own pace during their time there.

Arbor Montessori in the News

Arbor Montessori recently celebrated its 15th birthday. The Academy released an official statement on their Facebook page, thanking those in the community for their support. The Academy also stated that they “look forward to many years to come” as they continue to serve the Austin community. If you're looking for an experienced and time-tested Montessori school for your children, Arbor Montessori might be a great choice.

9. School in the Hills Montessori

The School in the Hills Montessori considers Montessori to be a fantastic way of life as well as an effective teaching strategy. Children aged 18 months to 12 years will experience intellectual and emotional nurturing and guidance from their instructors.

The school is divided into two campuses. The Steiner Ranch campus, located in the hills of Austin, and River Place, which sits on a 3.5-acre piece of panoramic land. It has spacious classrooms with beautiful window vistas. Additionally, there are outdoor work areas with views of the Austin Hill countryside.

Students have plenty of places to play, including a mud kitchen and a playhouse, in this scenic environment, which is both homey and educational. Additionally, there are vegetable gardens where kids can learn about science. Another beautiful feature of the area is a reservoir next to the yard.

10. Town & Country Children’s Montessori

In 1979, Town and Country Children's Montessori was set up. Today, the school offers a caring and friendly environment for kids aged 3 to 6 years old. Its teaching strategies adhere to the fundamental principles of the Montessori strategy, allowing kids to learn through doing as opposed to cramming. Every child receives individualized attention and experiences a 21st-century, holistic Montessori setting.

By guiding and nurturing the students, the school hopes to produce lifelong learners who can also communicate their creativity and develop their original ideas. The institution’s goal is to help every student reach their full potential.

11. North Austin Montessori School

Programs are available at the North Austin Montessori School for children as young as 12 months and as old as 7 years. The school is available all year long to make it convenient for parents and guardians. For the entire range of ages covered, there are full-day and part-day options. The school has mixed-age classrooms with an intention to foster a sense of community both within the individual classes and throughout the entire institution.

The educational materials used in this school are tailored to each student's developmental requirements. The manner that the classrooms are set up in promotes an academic experience that piques the children's interest. With this approach, North Austin Montessori School hopes to inspire a love for learning that will last a lifetime. The kids can participate in a variety of activities, such as learning foreign languages, gardening, yoga, and painting.

12. Athena Montessori Academy

There are nine classrooms on Athena Montessori Academy‘s expansive grounds. Six of the classrooms cater to primary pupils, while three are for toddlers. A playground, gardens, a sizable parking lot, and roomy workspaces are all located on the property to cater to the needs of parents, students, and staff.

Offering services to children from 18 months to 6 years of age, the school's mission is to create a strong community and socially conscious students while also offering a secure and nurturing environment for play and growth. Athena is cutting-edge in the way it meets the children's social and emotional needs in addition to their academic demands. Since its founding in 2006, the school has expanded significantly and attracted a sizable number of students.

Children learning in a Montessori classroom.
A happy child is a curious mind, hungry for the lessons their school has to offer.


13. International Montessori House of Children

International Montessori House of Children caters to toddlers, kindergarteners, and elementary school-level children. Honesty, respect, and care are among the fundamental principles of Dr. Maria Montessori's approach that the school upholds.

The school, which is second-generation owned, takes pride in upholding the founders' legacy. Before moving to Austin and establishing the International Montessori House of Children in 1971, Iranganie Weerasuria taught Montessori techniques all over the world.

The institution offers a true Montessori education in a supportive setting that promotes student growth. 


Every parent knows how difficult it can be to find the ideal school for their kid. Overall, Montessori schools show great promise in impacting a child’s growth positively. The schools listed above are the top Montessori schools in Austin that accomplish this mission.

Taking into account a child's emotional and social needs, enrolling them in a conducive educational environment is favorable to their overall development. Be sure you take into account all potential outcomes and always prioritize your child's requirements before enrolling them in any school.

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