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The 11 Top Montessori Schools in Denver

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The 11 Top Montessori Schools in Denver

As the capital of Colorado, there are over 90,000 students in Denver public schools. The size of the city and school district can make finding the right school a challenge, but it also means there are a number of excellent schools in the area. Montessori schools stand out from public schools and offer a more personal and customized approach to education. So, if you’re looking for a top-rated school in the area, check out these Montessori schools in Denver.

Children learning in a Montessori classroom.
One of the goals of Montessori education is to help foster independence in young children.

Top Montessori Schools in Denver

Denver is an incredibly populous city with a number of public and private schools. Here are the top Montessori schools in Denver based on reviews from other parents.

Montessori School of Denver

  • 1460 S Holly St, Denver, CO 80222
  • Highly rated for its strong community, excellent curriculum, and dynamic environment
  • Toddler: $14,200-$23,550
  • Primary: $14,200-$23,550
  • Kindergarten: $24,550
  • Elementary: $24,550
  • Middle school: $25,750

Montessori School of Denver offers programs for children from 2 years old to middle school age. Their mission is to prepare children for life and develop lifelong learners. The Montessori School of Denver is locally and nationally accredited through the Association of Colorado Independent Schools and the American Montessori Society.

The curriculum at the Montessori School of Denver is based on Montessori philosophy. Still, they also offer art classes, an urban farming program, and a do-good service program to help students build character. 

Montessori Academy of Colorado

  • 2500 Curtis St, Denver, CO 80205
  • Highly rated for quality education, low teacher-student ratios, and amazing teachers
  • Nido: $31,265
  • Toddler: $26,580
  • Primary: $22,215
  • Integrated Kindergarten: $16,660
  • Elementary and middle school: $21,505

Montessori Academy of Colorado offers a Montessori program for children from 2 months old to 8th grade. For over 20 years, they have focused on empowering children to become fearless and forward learners and leaders.

In addition to the Montessori curriculum, the Montessori Academy of Colorado offers a music and art studio, library, performing arts auditorium, and an after-school enrichment program. Each age group has authentic Montessori classrooms and certified Montessori teachers.

Denison Montessori

  • 1821 S Yates St, Denver, CO 80219
  • Highly rated for amazing teachers, clean facility, and authentic Montessori environment

Denison Montessori is a public Montessori school in Denver that offers education for children 3 years old through 6th grade. The school has been nominated for several awards within the Denver Public School District, including the John Irwin Colorado Schools of Excellence Award and the National Terrific Teachers Award.

Denison Montessori is a recognized National Montessori Public School Model and has a diverse student body of over 400 students. Throughout each day, teachers and staff implement the eight principles of Montessori education to help students grow to become independent and responsible citizens. 

Monarch Montessori of Denver

  • 4895 Peoria St, Denver, CO 80239
  • Highly rated for its community feel, safe environment, and fantastic teachers and staff
  • Nido: $1,029-$1,920 per month
  • Toddlers: $974-$1,755 per month
  • Children’s House: $965-$1,420

Monarch Montessori of Denver includes two Montessori schools in one building. First Steps at Monarch Montessori offers programs for infants, toddlers, and primary students while Monarch Montessori of Denver Elementary is a tuition-free Montessori charter school.

Monarch Montessori of Denver has the largest outdoor learning program out of all Denver Public Schools which includes their urban gardens. Monarch Montessori also includes a dual language path for preschool and elementary students. 

Montessori School of Wild Pines

  • 2695 South Jersey Street, Denver, CO 80209
  • Highly rated for caring teachers, safe environment, and peaceful classrooms
  • Toddler: $1,252-$1,882 monthly
  • Primary: $1,118-$1,488 monthly

The Montessori School of Wild Pines, formerly Washington Park, offers programs for children 15 months through 6 years old. Their goal is to provide students with a peaceful and authentic Montessori environment where they can learn respect and joy in learning.

Their Montessori programs offer students personal connections and collaborative learning in a multi-age classroom environment. The toddler and primary classrooms are designed to allow children to learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

Children’s Garden Montessori

  • 444 Detroit St, Denver, CO 80206
  • Highly rated for caring teachers, well-kept facility, and amazing community
  • Toddler: $5,950-$11,650
  • Primary: $11,300

Children’s Garden Montessori offers programs for children 18 months to 6 years old. Their curriculum is rooted in Montessori philosophy and enriched by the Reggio method. The mission of Children’s Garden Montessori is to create a nurturing environment for the students that leads them to love learning.

At Children’s Garden Montessori, the Montessori and Reggio methods are combined because they both have a similar view of children and the learning environment. In their mixed-age classrooms, children build community, connect with others, and learn at their own pace.

Echinacea Montessori School

  • 300 Elati St, Denver, CO 80223
  • Highly rated for its strong community, great teachers, and quality education
  • Regular tuition: $1,390 per month
  • Scholarship tuition: $1,050 per month

Echinacea Montessori School offers a Montessori program for children 2.5 to 6 years old in Denver and is a part of the Wildflower network of Montessori schools. All Wildflower schools focus on being teacher-led and highly value parents as active supporters of their child’s education.

Echinacea Montessori School has a shopfront setting with lots of natural light in the classrooms. In addition to their school year program, they offer a summer camp in June and July.

School in the Woods Montessori

  • 4176 E Florida Ave, Denver, CO 80222
  • Highly rated for outstanding teachers, supportive environment, and strong community
  • Toddler: $11,000
  • Preschool: $12,000
  • Pre-Kindergarten: $20,500

School in the Woods Montessori offers a toddler, preschool, and pre-kindergarten program for young children. For families with infants, they also offer a parent/infant program where parents and infants attend a 90-minute class together once a week. Infants can be a part of the parent/infant program from birth to 18 months. 

The mission of School in the Woods Montessori is to create a safe and nurturing learning environment for young children and their families. Children in their programs are encouraged to explore the world around them and build independence in the classroom.

Montessori Children’s House of Denver

  • 1467 Birch Street, Denver, CO 80220
  • Highly rated for its warm environment, excellent staff, and quality education
  • Toddler: $18,800-$25,300
  • Primary: $17,050-$22,300
  • Elementary: $21,850
  • Secondary: $21,850

The Montessori Children’s House of Denver offers programs for children from 12 months to 15 years old and has three different campuses in Denver. The elementary and secondary programs are only offered at the Central Park campus.

At the Montessori Children’s House of Denver, there is a focus on culture and community, ensuring children are learning in a positive environment where they can develop their own interests. Their vision is to challenge and nurture each student in their care to help them grow and develop within the community. 

Sophia Montessori Academy

  • 2626 E Louisiana Ave, Denver, CO 80210
  • Highly rated for its excellent community, amazing teachers, and calm environment
  • Primary: $339-$1,148 per month
  • Elementary: $738-$1,148 per month

Sophia Montessori Academy is a Montessori school that was founded upon the Byzantine Catholic tradition. They currently offer programs for children ages 3 to 9 but are planning on expanding to high school in the future.

Part of the mission of Sophia Montessori Academy is to help children develop a deep love of the Catholic faith while also encouraging students to become fearless leaders and independent thinkers. In addition to their academic curriculum, students at SMA are also able to attend Catechesis of the Good Shepherd each day and attend Holy Protection of the Mother of God for prayer and liturgy.

Midtown Montessori Academy

  • 1675 W 67th Ave Suite #200, Denver, CO 80221
  • Highly rated for authentic Montessori program, excellent classroom environment, and strong community
  • Nido: $29,040
  • Toddler: $25,320
  • Primary: $14,300-$17,160
  • Kindergarten: $14,300

Midtown Montessori Academy offers programs for early childhood and elementary students from 8 weeks to 6th grade. Their programs are community-based and allow children to discover a passion for learning in an authentic Montessori environment.

In addition to their academic program, they offer a Spanish immersion program for children ages 3 and 4. The immersion program is led by native Spanish-speaking guides and assistants. 

Denver Montessori Schools in the News

On May 30, 2023, Denver 7 reported that a Montessori-style cooking academy for children opened in Denver. Little Kitchen Academy offers classes for a range of kids, from three years old all the way to 18. Class sizes are kept small, with no class exceeding ten kids at a time. The academy doesn't just teach them about cooking; it also aims to improve their social skills and knowledge of math, reading, and science. Little Kitchen Academy hopes to spread all across Colorado over time.


Despite the number of people and students in Denver, Colorado, many of the Montessori schools have a low teacher-student ratio and a strong community feel. No matter what Montessori school you choose, you will usually find multi-age classrooms, unique Montessori materials, and a student-led approach. If you’re looking for a Montessori school for your child, try one of these top-rated Montessori schools in Denver.

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