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The 6 Top Montessori Schools in Philadelphia

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The 6 Top Montessori Schools in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a city with a rich history and a vibrant community of people. It’s also home to a number of excellent schools. If you’re looking for a Montessori school for your child in Philly, you may consider factors such as teacher-to-student ratio or tuition. Whether you’re a native of Philadelphia or are planning on moving there, we’re here to help you find the top Montessori schools in Philadelphia.

Sometimes, finding the right school can take time and in such a large city, you have to enroll your child early to guarantee a spot. To help you get started, we’ve narrowed down some of the highest-rated Montessori schools in the city.

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Within a Montessori school, even the youngest students can learn and grow to be independent.

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What is the Downside of Montessori?

Montessori education has continued to grow in popularity in recent years. However, there are still critics of this educational method who claim there are many downsides to Montessori. Like any type of education, there are both pros and cons to Montessori schools.

One of the strongest criticisms of Montessori education is the tuition. Most Montessori schools are private schools, which means they're expensive compared to other schools. The cost of these private schools means Montessori education isn’t accessible to every student. 

Montessori schools may not be the best fit for every student, but they do have many benefits for children’s academic and social development

Top Montessori Schools in Philadelphia

It can be a challenge to find a quality Montessori school that meets all the criteria you’re looking for. To help you find the right fit, here are some of the top-rated Montessori schools in Philadelphia.

Clementine Montessori School

  • 2013 Appletree St, Philadelphia, PA 19103
  • Highly rated for an authentic Montessori experience, caring teachers, and a safe environment
  • Primary $14,250-$21,500
  • Kindergarten $18,750-$21,500

Clementine Montessori School offers an authentic Montessori program for children 18 months to 6 years old. Students at Clementine Montessori are encouraged to explore the classroom environment and learn at their own pace.

The school has a thriving community for students and parents where the parents are viewed as partners in their child’s education. Each classroom is complete with Montessori materials, and students have three hours of uninterrupted time in the morning to learn and explore the classroom environment. 

Little City Montessori

  • 1401 N 5th St Mailbox C, Philadelphia, PA 19122
  • Highly rated for open communication, amazing teachers, and a nurturing environment
  • $1,795 monthly

Little City Montessori is a Montessori preschool for children 2 to 6 years old. Their preschool combines Montessori teaching with motion by offering daily enrichment activities to help students stay active. These activities include yoga, martial arts, dance, and athletics.

Each lead teacher at Little City Montessori has a Montessori certification to ensure a rich and authentic Montessori environment. In addition to their daily Montessori program, they also offer a summer program with an emphasis on recreational activities.

Greene Towne Montessori

  • 55 N 22nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19103
  • Highly rated for its authentic Montessori classes, experienced staff, and a nurturing environment
  • Toddlers $17,270-$34,770
  • Primary $16,625-$34,135
  • Kindergarten $26,655-$34,455

Green Towne Montessori offers a Montessori program for toddlers, primary students, and kindergarteners. Their mission is to help children become life-long learners as children begin to take responsibility for their own growth and learning, finding joy in the learning process.

Like most Montessori programs, there is a focus on building independence and creative skills within a community setting. To keep children learning and engaged during the summer months, they also offer a summer program that includes academic and enrichment activities. 

In the News

On July 10, 2023, Patch reported that Greene Towne Montessori is expanding its lower elementary program. The Montessori school will be offering schooling to children in grades 1-3, allowing its students to remain in their system for longer. This expansion will be in effect starting in September 2023. Spokesmen for the school expressed their excitement at this change.

Fishtown Montessori

  • 307 E Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125
  • Highly rated for its knowledgeable teachers, clear communication, and clean facility
  • Toddler $21,230
  • Primary $20,680

Fishtown Montessori offers a program for toddlers and primary students ages 3 to 6. Their goal is to provide children with an authentic Montessori environment where they can thrive and become independent.

Fishtown Montessori is a newer school that was founded in 2017, but it has quickly become a highly-rated school in the Philadelphia community. They offer a school year program, a summer program, and extended care for working families.

Queen Lane Montessori

  • 433 W Queen Ln, Philadelphia, PA 19144
  • Highly rated for compassionate teachers, positive learning environment, and experienced staff
  • Contact school for tuition

Queen Lane Montessori offers structured Montessori programs for children 2 months to 10 years old. Their mission is to provide children with an environment where they feel comfortable being themselves so they can discover their unique abilities and strengths.

Their programs are based on the idea that all children want to learn, but each child learns differently. They encourage children to love learning and help them become life-long learners. Queen Lane Montessori offers programs year-round with a typical school year program and a recreational summer program.

Children’s House of Philadelphia

  • 2611 S Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19148
  • Highly rated for caring staff, excellent curriculum, and wonderful community
  • Toddler $14,900-$22,700
  • Primary $14,500-$21,900

The Children’s House of Philadelphia offers a Montessori program for toddlers and primary students. As an American Montessori Member School, they implement the Montessori method in each program and have state-certified educators to help students thrive in the prepared environment.

Their goal is to help children reach their full potential and become independent thinkers through the Montessori method. They offer a Montessori summer camp in addition to their academic program, and during the camp, children can engage with indoor and outdoor Montessori materials.


Philadelphia is a unique community and a great place for your children to attend school. There are a number of excellent Montessori schools in Philadelphia, and the Montessori method has many benefits for young children. We hope this list of top Montessori schools in Philadelphia helps you find a place your child can thrive.

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