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12 Uses for Epsom Salt You’ve Never Considered

uses for epsom salt include bathing

12 Uses for Epsom Salt You’ve Never Considered

Epsom salt is a product commonly found in household closets and medicine cabinets. While many people could identify the product's container, fewer likely know what purposes it holds. In actuality, uses for epsom salt are many — it is often employed for several health, personal aesthetic, household, and gardening-related uses.

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Epsom salt is what scientists categorize as a mineral salt. This means said materials are comprised of minerals found in natural abundance inside the earth. Epsom salt accumulates in rock-like formations and was named Epsom because it was first discovered in the English city bearing the same moniker.

The product is said to bear a striking resemblance to the table salt numerous individuals use to cook with or enhance the flavor of prepared foods. That said, Epsom salts taste far more bitter than table salt and are seldom ingested. Fortunately, however, the material does possess numerous practical uses including:

Health Maintenance

Epsom salt has and continues to be employed for various health maintenance-related purposes such as:

Inflammation Reduction

Inflammation is the body's natural way of healing physical injuries and fighting invaders like disease-causing pathogens. That said, inflammation occurring at inopportune times could lead to cell damage and the development of several chronic and potentially serious maladies.

Epsom salt contains appreciable quantities of magnesium. This mineral is noted for its capacity to lessen systemic inflammation and has proven effective in reducing incidents of heart disease, blood vessel disorders, and certain digestive concerns.

Stress Alleviation

Researchers also believe that magnesium holds stress-reducing properties. The mineral may stimulate the brain's production of serotonin. This chemical influences feelings and emotions like mood and the state of relaxation. Moreover, those who utilize Epsom salts might stand at a lessened risk of developing mental disorders like anxiety and depression.

bathtub with epsom salts
A warm bath with epsom salt in it has been proven to provide significant stress and pain relief.

©iStock.com/Veronique Duplain

Pain Relief

Scientific investigators maintain that magnesium also serves as a muscle relaxant. Said attribute has proven effective in diminishing muscle pains in bodily regions such as the shoulder, head, neck, and back. Certain studies have concluded the salt product might also lessen incidents of migraine headaches. Additionally, those who use the item have also witnessed faster recovery times following participation in various exercise regiments.

Stool Softening

Persons experiencing constipation have experienced improvement after using Epsom salt. Researchers opine that magnesium attracts water to the colon. Increased liquid concentrations soften stools and render said waste products easier to pass.

Sleep Inducing

Magnesium is thought to also increase brain production of a hormone known as melatonin. This chemical plays a crucial part in helping one fall and remain asleep. Furthermore, it is said to produce more deep and restful slumber.

uses for epsom salt include improved sleep
Epsom salt is thought to be beneficial in achieving a good night's sleep.


How Is Epsom Salt Used For Health Maintenance Purposes?

Medical researchers and healthcare providers argue that Epsom salt works best when mixed with warm or hot water. Elevated temperatures enable the magnesium contained within to properly dissolve and enter the body through one's skin. As a result, people from various nations and cultures have employed Epsom salt baths for medicinal purposes over many centuries.

Possible Side Effects And Contraindications

Typically, when used as directed, Epsom salt baths do not elicit side effects. However, such undertakings might not be suitable for individuals possessing serious skin infections, open wounds, or significant burns.

In addition, doctors strongly urge prospective users to refrain from ingesting the product. Failing to heed this warning could result in digestive problems like significant bouts of diarrhea.

Other Epsom Salt Uses

The commonly employed preparation is also used for:

Personal Aesthetic Purposes

Epsom salt has yielded favorable outcomes when utilized to clear away dead skin, enhance the efficiency of facial creams, eliminate skin abnormalities like pimple-causing blackheads, carefully rid one's hair of hairspray, and improve hair volume.

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Household Improvement

Around the house, Epsom salt has found favor as:

An Appliance-Cleansing Detergent

The material has shown effectiveness in the remediation of common household appliances like clothes washing apparatuses. When combined with water, Epsom salt has proven effective in preventing potentially harmful buildups of detergent products.

A Cleansing Agent

Epsom salt has been used to clean stains and particle accumulation found on surfaces like bathroom tiles. The substance is especially productive for this purpose when used alongside liquid dish detergents.

A Hand-Washing Preparation

Epsom salt is sometimes used to create hand washing preparations. In many instances, it is particularly effective when mixed with baby oil.

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Garden Maintenance

Plant and garden enthusiasts have found that Epsom salt enjoys a positive reputation when employed to complete tasks such as:

Maintaining A Green Lawn

Magnesium executes an important role in a plant's production of chlorophyll. This chemical enables lawns and other plants to produce a shiny green color.

Fertilizing House Plants

Magnesium is a vital nutrient for plants. Therefore, adding Epsom salt to the soil of such lifeforms provides greater nourishment and increases the their chances for longevity.

Producing Insecticide

Researchers have found that Epsom salt has proven valuable in eliminating common pests found on lawns and in gardens. Simply sprinkling moderate amounts of the product onto said lifeforms usually precipitates positive outcomes.


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