Vaginal Itching

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Vaginal itching is definitely a very personal itch. It is difficult to stop yourself from scratching an itch, what do you do when the itch is in a most sensitive area.

Vaginal itching can be a source of great physical discomfort and embarrassment. Don’t feel alone most women at one time or another suffer the same ailment. That most personal kind of itch is caused by a variety of reasons. But first let’s tackle what exactly is going on ‘down there’.

A persistent itching of the vagina and surrounding areas is defined as tingling, uneasy irritated and itchy sensation in the vagina itself or the areas adjacent like the vulva. This not only defines the condition, but also lists the symptoms.

What causes it?

There is a wide variety of causes. Some of the most common are simple skin irritations. Your private areas have some of the most sensitive skin on your body. Bath soaps, fragrances, detergents and dyes that won’t irritate the skin on other parts of your body often are a cause for vaginal distress. Even products made for use in your feminine areas like douches, feminine sprays or contraceptive creams and jellies can be the culprit.

Other causes are not so innocent. Itching can be a sign of a yeast infection or vaginitis. Both of these conditions have other symptoms such as increase or change of the appearance and smell of vaginal discharge, fever, and or pain. Sexually transmitted diseases also cause vaginal itching.

Menopause with the decrease in vaginal moisture can also precipitate itching.

Stress plain and simple can manifest itself through itching sensations over the whole body, including your most sensitive areas.

Get relief from vaginal itching

To find relief from itching caused by simple irritation switch soaps, detergents and bubble baths. Instead of using colored or fragrance laden products opt for more natural options. Keep the vagina clean and dry. Wear undergarments that allow the skin in the crotch area to breath. Cotton fabrics are a great choice: light, absorbent and natural. Even colored toilet paper can cause irritation. Remember allergies, or irritants, often build up over time. It may the product you have used for years may now need to go to get rid of vaginal itching!

Try washing undergarments separately, and rinsing them very well.

Consulting your doctor is always a good idea, especially if the itch is accompanied by a foul smell, fever, or a change in discharge. In these cases prescription medication may be needed to clear up a yeast infection or STD. Your MD may also have products to help with vaginal itching caused by menopause.

The best cure for stress related itch is to learn to relax. This is always easier said than done. Go for a walk, watch a favorite movie. Basically pamper yourself for a bit.