Pirate Charades


Things you’ll need:

Pens or markers
Paper bag, bowl or hat


Getting Ready:

Step 1:  Write words that have to do with pirates on small pieces of paper.  Some suggestions; parrot, eye patch, wooden leg, treasure chest, Jack Sparrow, The Black Pearl, treasure map, sword fighting.

Step 2:  Put all the papers in the bag, hat or bowl.


When the guests arrive:

Step 1:  Choose one child to go first.  You may want to either start with the birthday boy, or draw straws.

Step 2:  Have the child pick a piece of paper.

Step 3:  Explain that they must act out the word anyway they’d like, but that they may NOT speak, at all.  Small children may need help thinking of ways to act out their word or phrase.

Step 4:  Give the other children two minutes to guess the word.  The guest that guesses the word correctly gets to go next.


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