Christmas Movies

These are the memory-makers of Christmas movies, they're the perfect thing for helping to get everyone into the holiday spirit. Who cares if the weather is frightful when good movies and family fun keep us warm?

There are no better movies for the soul and memory lane than wonderful Christmas movies. Just a few classics are listed below, but don't just settle for a movie. Make it an event. Included are fun family centered ideas to help you and your family get the most from your home theater this winter season.

It's a Wonderful Life

It's A Wonderful Life

No self respecting list of Christmas movies would be complete without this feel good classic. Who could forget the goodness of George and Mary Bailey who find themselves in the insidious clutches of mean and greedy Mr. Potter on what should be the happiest day of the year, Christmas Eve.

After the usually good natured George scolds his children, berates his beloved wife Mary and yells at an innocent by stander he storms from the house. Believing his life a failure, and thinking of the better good for his family and friends George finds himself over looking the river and is about to jump in when Clarence, his guardian angel sent in answer to multiple prayers on George's behalf, beats him to it.

In case you haven't seen the ending we won't give it away, but rest assured despite the gloomy beginning , in the end George and viewer alike come to realize although far from what had been planned for and is a wonderful life.

While watching keep hands and mouths busy eating and stinging popcorn. Once the movie is over and the happy ending tears are dry, it is time to trim the tree and the popcorn string is an old time touch the will attest to the goodness of this film. To make the popcorn strings more visually appealing add a few red or green beads into the mix. Or try this recipe for Colored Popcorn.

Little hands might find the popcorn a challenge to string can still be included. Children as young as two enjoy stringing beads. Have them try stringing all beads or using hemp lines with knots at intervals to hold groups of beads together.

A Christmas Story

Red Rider Forever!

You'll shoot your eye out! Who can forget that time proven refrain? In spite of the down swing in the popularity of BB guns, the plight of Ralphy Parker will always have a place in our hearts. Young and old alike relate to this tale of Christmas yearning and the seemingly futile desire for that perfect gift. Along the way we get to experience Christmas through the eyes and heart of a child again. There is no greater magic than that which resides in the heart of a child at Christmas.

This movie is hilarious! Adults and children can all relate, adults remember and children are swept away in sympathy. The movie is told from the view point of 10 year old Ralphy Parker, and for those who remember well the follies of youth, it is all too accurate right down to the childhood drama and melodrama.

There might be more elaborate activities, but at the end of this movie sitting and writing out Christmas lists seems especially apt. Once the lists are complied each member of the family should be given the opportunity to present their wishes, with a plea worthy of Ralph himself. Really ham it up!

This is great, because as parents we may discover that the selections we had in mind are either all wrong or exactly right. It also gives children a chance to hear what their siblings and parents might enjoy. That way you won't be presented with another Barbie from your four year old or a hot wheels speedster from your 7 year old who promises you can keep it with his other ones.

Bake some Homemade Sugar Cookies before the movie, using this adorable leg lamp cookie cutter we found and decorate cookies while you're watching the movie.


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