Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation Gift IdeasGot a grad? We've got a few graduation gift ideas to help you figure out what to get the newly diplomaed.

It’s that time of the year again, and you can hardly believe it but this year you are affected by both sides of the dads and grads equation. Wasn’t it just last week you waved your little one off to kindergarten, and now you are getting ready to wave them off to college!

This is a momentous event in any young person’s life. It marks the threshold between childhood and adulthood. What can you, as parent, friend, aunt, uncle or grandparent do to mark the occasion? A gift is certainly in order, but what kind of gift will your graduate most appreciate: the pressure is on.

Traditional Gifts

There are several gifts which have been given traditionally to graduates for years. For some graduates and gift giver alike the very fact that the gift is in keeping with tradition is of utmost importance.

A quality pen set. This is no simple ball point pen that could be picked up in the laughably limited office supply section of the local grocer. A nice pen with metal plating that can be inscribed with the graduate’s name, graduation date, a short note or other words which might mark the occasion.

A watch. Watches now are less popular then once they were because it is possible to get the time from anyone of a number of indispensable items like a cell phone. Yet a nice wrist watch is a classic and beautiful gift. Mark the passage of time, and give a nod to all the future holds with a jewelers quality watch.

Other traditional gifts for the grad include: a hope chest, luggage, dorm room décor, a photo and frame of graduation and/or diploma, a sweat shirt from the graduate’s collage or money (it fits anyone!)

Less Traditional Gifts

If tradition is not what seems to fit your graduate’s needs, then the gift giving field opens up wide.

Future Needs: Is the grad college bound? Anything to help with college experience will be in high demand. A laptop or other computer devices are sure to help the poor starving student out. A gift certificate to grocery stores and fast food joints near the graduate’s new apartment or dorm will keep them from becoming starving students in a literal way!

Something Fun: for the parents high school graduation means college and more long years of study and toil. For the newly graduated however, it marks a freedom they have yet to know. Why break it to them that life on their own might not be filled to the brim with nothing but carefree moments of play? Give your grad fun stuff like an iPod or a cell phone of their own. Digital cameras are another great idea.

Take Stock: a no nonsense gift, but a great idea would be to open an IRA for your graduate, or to buy some stock in their name. This is an especially symbolic gift that hopefully marks the bright future in store.

No matter what gift is given simply showing up in person or via the phone is the best gift your time, support and enthusiasm for the adventure that now lies before them.







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