Got a high school grad in your home? Or perhaps you know a high school grad, and you want to get them a graduation gift to celebrate the momentous occasion. We've got a few graduation gift ideas to help you figure out what to get the newly diploma-ed. After all, graduating from high school is a big deal in any young person’s life. It marks the threshold between childhood and adulthood. What can you — as parent, friend, aunt, uncle or grandparent — do to mark the occasion? A gift is certainly in order, but what kind of graduation gift will they most appreciate? Here are some great ideas to get your mind rolling!

Traditional Graduation Gift Ideas

There are several traditional gifts that have been given to graduates for years. And for some, keeping with tradition is of utmost importance. With that in mind, some traditional graduation gift ideas include:

A quality pen set. We're not talking about a simple ballpoint pen that you pick up at Office Depot. We're talking about a nice pen with metal plating that can be inscribed with the graduate’s name, graduation date, a short note or other words to mark the occasion. Here is a handsome pen, which you can have engraved, that we found on Etsy for an affordable $28.90.

Parker Jotter Pen graduation gift
This Parker Jotter pen can be engraved and gifted to the graduate in your life.

©Ashley Haugen / etsy – License

A watch. While people aren't as reliant on watches to tell time as they once were, there is still a place in a person's wardrobe for an attractive timepiece, and a nice wrist watch is a classic and beautiful gift. Mark the passage of time, and give a nod to all that the future holds with a jeweler's quality watch.

Watch prices run the gamut, so you can definitely find one in your price range. Amazon has a wide selection of brands from which to choose — Apple, Timex, Tag Heuer, and everything in between!

apple watch for graduation gift
You can find all kinds of watches on Amazon, including the popular Apple Watch.

©Oleg GawriloFF/

Other traditional gifts for the grad include: luggage, dorm room décor, a graduation photo in a nice frame, a professional framing of the diploma, a sweatshirt from the graduate’s college, or money, which always gets a smile!

Less Traditional Graduation Gifts

If you're more of a non-traditional gift-fiver, there are tons of ideas to consider.

Future Needs: Is the grad college-bound? Anything to help with the college experience will be in high demand. A laptop or other computer device would surely be put to good use. Or perhaps put together a collection of gift cards to restaurants and retail outlets in his university's town.

Something Fun: A new high school graduate is about to experience freedom in ways they've never known. Encourage a bit of wanderlust before they buckle down in the fall by gifting them a round-trip plane ticket to somewhere they've always wanted to explore. Or perhaps spring for a Eurail pass. Encourage adventure as they flex this new freedom!

Take Stock: A no nonsense gift, opening an IRA or purchasing some stock in your grad's name is a thoughtful gift that will be with them long-term.

No matter what graduation gift you go with, simply expressing your excitement for their accomplishment will make them feel like a million bucks!

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