Graduation Party Ideas

Graduation Party Ideas

When commencement is over it is time to toss the cap and have a graduation party! Try these ideas for a wonderful celebration of your grad's achievement.

Most graduates look forward to their graduation day, but not necessarily commencement itself. It is what happens next that those seniors have been planning for years: the party.

For parents the idea of a night dedicated to freedom and debauchery can be scary and not without reason. Thinking back to the parties of their own graduation evenings is sure to yield at least one unpleasant and unfortunate occurrence. How can you help your graduate avoid such an event yet allow them to have the play and celebration they surely deserve? The answer is simple: help them plan the party and support their ideas.

The Rules

Rule number own when planning a graduation party for your High School graduate is that this is their party, not yours. No matter how good your intentions are if you step on their toes and butt in where your help is not wanted you are sure to meet resentment and resistance. Lend a helping hand, but trust your teen and the job you have done raising them

Rule Two: talk to your teen and set the expectation. You don’t have to be there to hold your graduate’s hand, but letting them know what you expect of them will help them to avoid sticky situations.

Compromise: Curfew is not optional now that high school is a memory, but it can be significantly altered. Know were your teen is and how to get in touch in case of trouble.

Party, Party

A party for teen is usually easy. All you need to do is provide the place and perhaps the funding. That being said you do have some input, like no drinking or drugs. You will know how much or little chaperoning needs to be included, hopefully for a group of graduates this need is virtually null.

Graduation Party Idea One: Have a theme party. It is best to let your grad and friends choose the theme, and then help them to decorate for it.

Graduation Party Idea Two: rentals. There are many facilities teens love that are rentable. Why not rent a movie theater for the night. A reception hall where there is space for dancing is also a great option. Renting a bowling alley has the activities built right in and usually includes food of some sort.

Graduation Party Idea Three: a trip. Most seniors look forward to a senior trip. If this is not organized by your school help your teen to plan one for themselves and close friends. This keeps the likelihood of stupid choices to a minimum because there are fewer people involved in the party, and the chances are high that you will know the close friends invited on the trip.

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