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This is the Best Way to Throw a Birthday Party For An Older Child

This is the Best Way to Throw a Birthday Party For An Older Child

A night out party theme is perfect for older kids. By middle school, many kids have outgrown the desire to have a themed party at home. Follow our guide for throwing the best party possible for your child aged 11 and up.

Who Doesn't Love a Night Out?

Rent two hotel rooms, one for the kids, and one for the parents. Decorate the kids' hotel room with streamers, balloons and a happy birthday banner. You can either keep the destination a secret from the kids (but not from the parents!) and pick them up, or have their parents bring them to the hotel. Depending on the hotel you pick, and what it has to offer, the kids can swim, play mini golf, go to the game room, do karaoke, or any other activities the hotel offers.

Dinner Out On the Town

Dinner can be as simple or as elaborate as you want and can afford. You can treat everyone to a meal in the hotel's dining room, order room service, bring in pizza, fast food or some other takeout, or just bring platters of cold foods from home. After dinner the partygoers can watch TV, play games, give each other make overs, or any other activity typical of a sleep over. Take everyone to a big breakfast the next morning, and then send your guests on their way.

Additional Things to Keep in Mind

In order for this hotel party to truly be a success, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind. First, remember that this party idea is best for older children. We recommend 11 and up. The attendees should be old enough to act responsibly when left alone.

Respect that your child and their friends want and deserve space from the adults, but don't leave them to their own devices for too long. Aim to check up on them once every 1.5-2 hours. That will give them space while ensuring you still are able to keep tabs on them. Make sure you set some clear ground rules for everyone attending. For example, tell everyone that they aren't to leave the hotel room without telling an adult first.

Expect all of your partygoers to act respectfully in the hotel. Remind them that other guests are staying there, and that they need to be mindful of that. Keep noise to a minimum after 10 PM, or within whatever quiet hours the hotel may have. The last thing you want is the entire party ruined because your guests were too loud and caused problems with hotel staff. Finally, before everyone departs in the morning, do a full check of both hotel rooms to ensure nobody forgot anything. If something is left behind, there's no guarantee that it will be returned to its owner.

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