3rd Grade Math

In 3rd grade math, the study of the four basic operations, multiplication, division, additions, and subtraction, is completed. It's an important milestone for students as they are really beginning to understand the world around them in all their subjects, including math. This is seen by examining what they should learn in the four major areas of mathematics.

3rd students should be able to learn how to write and identify numbers up to 1000 and be able to add and subtract numbers from 1 to 20 mentally. They should be able to count beyond 1000 using 1's, 10's and 100's. They should be able to identify numbers up to 1000 just by sight. They should also be able to understand the multiplication tables from 1 to 7 and know how to do basic division. Finally, a 3rd grade math student should be able to subtract or add numbers with 1 to 4 digits.

Third grade students should also be able to use and understand measurements terms relating to linear distance. They should be able to read the time and measure temperature accurately. They should also be able to compare the usage of different measuring tools.

In the area of geometry, 3rd grade math students should be able to describe and make geometric objects. They should also be able to solve geometric puzzles. They should be able to describe and compare various two dimensional and three dimensional shapes.

Students should be able to recognize and record various patterns found in traffic or the weather. They should be able describe patterns they see in the world around them and come up with rules for those patterns.  Lastly, they should be able to make probability experiments using dice or coins and try to make predictions on the outcomes. 3rd grade math covers a lot, as your child's math education heads towards more complex material.




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